From tiny acorns…

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…grow mighty oaks.

ForexLive has become so mighty that Dow Jones and Company, “with more than 2,000 journalists in 58 countries publishing in a dozen languages” considers us a direct competitor. Five guys scattered around the world, calling our mates on instant messaging and writing on a creaky website viewed by a small (but fast growing) audience, are apparently the equal (in their eyes) of the publishers of the mighty Wall Street Journal.

They’ve canceled our subscription to the Dow Jones news wire and a reporter had to spike an interview with Adam this afternoon.

Game on, Dow Jones. Game on!


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Jamie Coleman


  1. Quality content will beat the big guys ever time (see: trading)

    Good work fellas!

  2. Keep up the great work—and up DJ!


    I cant speak for everyone, but the info you guys give is fast, reliable and directly relevant to forex.
    I’ll gladly support your advertisers too…It’s nice to know what you guys are thinking.
    A+ site overall too.

  4. I snitched on you to Dow jones sorry lol!!!

  5. Onya, guys

    You know when you’ve made it, when the big dogs take notice.

    Keep up the great work

  6. As a reader and a learner. I’m proud of you guys’ job. Thanks for your work.

  7. forex live 4 life!

  8. They are losers…that’s what they are.

    From Singapore using iPhone.

  9. That’s recognition for the great job you are doing here… @SaulRosenberg I agree with you, no other forex site gives such up to date and insightful info. Keep it up guys.

  10. I never liked them anyway..

  11. Either they over-employ 399 redundant journalists per seat, either you ‘re 400 times under-payed. Or maybe you’re newer generation algos :-D :-D :-D

  12. As if there is not other way you guys can get that data, f*ck DJNW with their crappy news!

  13. Wall Street who?

  14. Now, that’s a shame :/
    You guys are doing a great work actually.

  15. Well done, you have arrived!!

  16. Your niche is your advantage, keep up the good work..

  17. Dow who ??????????

  18. Forexlive is the best news/analysis site for ‘the rest of us’. Keep it up.
    ps. I don’t know that they can discriminate against who buys their subscription. You could just get a friend or family member to sign up for the DJ newswire if you need to! ;-)

  19. I quote you guys, all the time, on the trading forum that I use! Well done you!

  20. They cancelled your subscription ?!, maybe it’s time you charged DJ a subscription !!

  21. Did you get a subscription refund? Really how helpful are they anyway? Their news is infected with oligarchy BS … let’em go :)

  22. Good morning,

    you are suggesting us in a proper manner,we are happy about your

    suggestions, it may create some jealous, you are doing well and keep it the same

    after some times you will become one of the so-called mighty,

  23. Spiking an interview? Take ‘em on!!

  24. Veni, Vidi, V-sign: I came, I saw, I told ‘em where to go.

  25. Congratulations!. That’s awfully childish, of Dow Jones.

  26. This is good news – great site. How ridiculous not to align themselves with ForexLive anon. Bc of your site I would warrant more & new traders have taken up subscriptions to numerous media wires both real-time and delays for DJ/ FT/WSJ etc bc of increasing understanding and competence with FX key info. Anyway aren’t DJ toying with an anti-trust reg. here?

  27. I prefer forexlive to dow jones mag/? or whatever anytime of the day, any day of the week,any week of the moon, any moon of the earth….any universe of the…opps…ran out.

  28. Great guys are great and have a no holds bar attitude to people who speak nonsense. Well done! You deserve some sort of an award.

  29. Just for fun, you guys should send over a box of forexlive t-shirts to the head office over at Dow Jones. Let them know who is boss.

  30. Honest, straight forward and well informed. Well done guys!!! Thankyou for all your hard work, time, effort and patience. I sincerely appreciate all you do for us little guys.

  31. You guys are the real deal. I’ve reading your stuff for almost three years now. They should be worried.

  32. ForexLive is for adults…………. All others please go to DJ lol………. :) Will never participate in anything with DJ again. What a bunch of pansies! Do they think they’re “God?” pfffffttttt………. whatever…… I honestly can’t believe this!!!

  33. DJ are a bunch of spankers, nice action.

  34. Good on you guys. Best site around by far

  35. the only times i go to DJ is when I followed a link from here in ForexLive. That is how pathetic DJ is.

  36. You know – just came to check this site for the first time today and saw this and it’s really really bugging me. I can’t believe how cowardly DJ is. Time for a glass of wine ;)

    And a FWIW – here’s a nice table that shows what’s going on within the fx currencies at a glance. You can set it up to suit yourself too which I like.

  37. i meant that is how pathetic WSJ is. You see, I can’t even get their names right… That’s how pathetic they are!

  38. when big dogs got TOO big, they eventually crush under their own weight!

  39. Hi Jamie,

    It’s not because you’re competition to them. It is because you’re uncontrollable!!!
    I guess if your success goes exponential further down the road, they might build a strategy to silence your site :-)

    Anyway thanks for your work guyz

  40. Congrats gentlemen.
    In my book a negative reaction from peers is a sign that one is on the right track.

  41. Well deserved, well deserved…bravo!

  42. You guys are doing a great job. I believe there’s room for many players, and they are certainly childish…

  43. Well then. I think I’ll cancel my subscription to Dow Jones. Morning Gerry

  44. Presumably the reason they closed your account is not because you are a threat to their news-gathering capacity but rather because they see (or believe they see) you trumpeting their subscription news & information shortly after they broadcast it. Lets hope Reuters & Bloomberg don’t get the same gripe. :-)

  45. No JJB, from the correspondance I’ve seen you presume incorrectly

  46. I didn’t even know we had a subscrIption to Dow Jones. I get their stuff through a third party.

  47. Jamie, just out of curiosity, who owns ForexLive?

  48. We’re sponsored by FXDD.


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