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Gerry Davies


  1. Look who is here,pete/joe said u won’t be around till monday.Cheers :-)

  2. long aud/usd off the low side of the up channel .

  3. Hi Banya :) well I had to go to a funeral yesterday and thought I might as well book today as a holiday as well. That was when the weather forecast looked OK. Unfortunately the forecast has turned to crap and so I thought I might as well come in and take the holday when it’s sunnier. It’s already raining. so made right decision.

  4. Buy USDJPY above 79.90 for a target of 81.80-82.00. May not happen intraday, but IMO its a low-risk trade.

  5. Long NZD/USD 76.217
    T/P 78.217

  6. Sell EURUSD onbreak of 2455, with a stop above 2520 for a target of 2340 and 2280

  7. Long audjpy..there is significant support on the 120minute chart

  8. lol, snake-oil salesmen posing as customers of their own service for business, how original.
    These manky mobs are all the same. Report them to the FSA if they do not have authorisation to run a service like that. Many of them don’t have one. A signal provider on the net got done 2 months ago, think he got took to court and fined £80k as well as banned from running any financial services.

  9. Something to think about on the EUR/USD: http://postimage.org/image/i7kkgq027/

  10. Nice one Jeff, thanks for your posts I read them all. I read the other day on a post you manage accounts can you clarify this?

  11. @SusanR – Hey Susan hows things. I used to manage a small fund a few years back in the region of £35 million for a small group of investors and my own account which is pretty tidy :). But I called it a day with that a while back as it was long hours, lots of meetings, phone calls and screen time, not just the charts, but lots of reports and accounts ect ect..

    I just trade my own account these days, but was thinking about starting a smallish trade copier account. Nothing serious, I would keep it small and tidy for serious traders, and not time wasters.
    I will let you know if I decide to do it or not, not sure yet.


  12. AUD/USD: Something to watch: for breaking: http://postimage.org/image/45fd1glwj/

  13. @ Jeff: What was the name of the fund you managed? What qualifications do you hold in respect of managing other peoples money?

  14. Gold Mercury AMG. Shut it down few years ago as I said.

    “What qualifications do you hold in respect of managing other peoples money?”

    What qualifications does anyone have in regards to managing anyone’s money!

    My investors were contacts from sources, friends and local businessmen. My own accounts and proven track record were opened up for each and everyone to study and every transaction was presented in detail with projected growth and full annual accounting.
    I earned my investors trust and confidence with complete transparency and a proven track record of success that was well presented to them, and not with some useless piece of paper that has the tittle “Qualification” on it.

    I will leave that to the thick as shit kids just out of school managing peoples money.


  15. I see. You held no qualifications as an investment advisor? Did you even hold a licence? What does the AMG part stand for?

  16. What it to you?, go make some money from the markets instead of asking about things that don’t concern you, or need to know. Private business is private business. The fund is closed, I moved on.

    How much tax did you pay this year? How much money did you earn this year? How many times a week do you hump your wife? Nosy bastard lol. Bugger off.

  17. @ Yes, Sir I can Boogie it stands for Autometallography. are you a CIA or KGB agent stop asking Jeff so many questions….

  18. @jeff – having fun? :-) interesting idea btw, you mean, you would copy subscribers in on your trades, then they can choose to trade them or not, charge a nominal monthly fee and have a brief trial period? does it inc a round on the old course? :-) atvb s

  19. Why are you being so tetchy, Jeff? You made a claim and I asked you about it. I hardly think that’s cause for your rudeness. Perhaps you have forgotten what the initials stood for?

  20. Hey farmer hows tricks?

    Its only a thought, nothing concrete yet. It would just be a standard trade copier service that I could run from home without any hassle. You define your own risk to allocate to each trade and per day (1-2% or more) whatever you choose. When I place a trade, your account auto places the exact same trade with stop and target set, and your personal pre-allocated risk. When I close the trade or move the stop, your account does the same thing. Its pretty easy stuff to use.

    I do not get access to your account, nor do I ever see how much money you have or another details. You simple just hook up to my account and leave me to place the trades…simples.

    If I do start it up then yes there will be a trial so that you can demo trade it with no financial risk, maybe 14 days or a month.

    But again, nothing concrete as of yet, its all just an idea at this stage.


  21. Mr Boogie, You ask questions I answered them. But I’m not going to answer private questions. AMG is the surname initials for the 2 other people who ran it with me…the G is my surname initial.

    Would you like a DNA sample next?

  22. “AMG” (Aufrecht Melcher Großaspach) = who the fuck cares in German

  23. interesting idea, think it would be more popular, run, possibly as i said..if you progress it further, let me know and i’ll give you my ‘throwaway’ email addy on here etc ……. enjoy the w.end, atvb s

  24. You publicly stated here that you ran a fund, without any suitable qualifications or licences and now do not want to answer questions about it. Silence is the virtue of fools.

  25. Ok lads, I think we’ve beaten this topic to death…let’s let it go…

  26. let’s show some respect to each other here.
    jeff was trying to be of help to some of us here.
    those who think they are better can go and do their own stuffs,there is no need for them to be so sarcastic and abrupt.

    let’s kee p this a happy site;as it is,many are already hammerred tired by the MR MARKET.

  27. Good possibility the day low on EURUSD is reached. We went long at 2440. If we close the day out below 2480, expect downside pressure all next week. If we close below 2380 today. expect a new low next week. CHEERS!!

  28. EUR/USD confluence zone finally hit @ 1.2444. This is the 50% fib, weekly central pivot and daily S3 level. It is also the wave 4 of Elliot depending on your Elliot views of course. 15 minute bullish divergence.
    Wave 5 should expand to monthly pivot @ 1.2660.

    Left chart is the 4 hr, right chart is the 15 minute.

    A move under 1.2440 will invalidate the bullish signal. But its a nice tight stop if you choose to take it.


  29. AUD/USD: A,B,C corrective wave set up with corrective wave D aiming for 1.0000.
    A move under 0.9815 will invalidate.

  30. Where we at to with the above AUD & EURO analysis from Friday: AUD/USD hit 1.0000. And EURO hit 1.2660, Spooky… all that without giving a shit about fundamentals or caring whats going to happen to Spain or Greece…just say…really just saying!…shit I just banged my head on the way out the door, these doors are really small, honest.

  31. @ Jeff – Congrats once more Jeff wow!!!! spooky!!! By the way here is the info from my part: JustGiving on behalf of GlobalGiving 11 June 2012 at 09:53
    Amount: £10.00 JustGiving reference: D36767292
    Transaction ID: 8PU60192W1111940K
    charity: http://www.waterforsouthsudan.org/
    Cheers Ricardo

  32. @Ricardo, nice one m8, I donated £10 to PDSA posted receipt last night.

  33. @ Jeff… I like you Jeff!!! ( don´t get your hopes up though; not its not a gay type of like…its a human type of like) LOL

  34. @jeff post the receit,cant trust you beer drinkers..lol

  35. @JJ – I won the bet JJ (Lewis Hamilton to win) but I thought I would donate anyway: http://postimage.org/image/c43tuhki3/

  36. Nice pick. Hamilton was awesome, deserved the win.

  37. Hi Adam, yea he was. I thought he had lost it when Vettel and Alonso looked like they were going to stay out on a 1 stopper.

  38. @ Jeff. I find your charts interesting. (Not sure I agree with the EW count in the 4-hr chart, though). Would you mind sharing the MACD settings in the 15 minutes chart?

  39. Ariel – The MACD is just standard settings, 12,26,9. I don’t use EW the way it was originally taught, I use a much more simpler approach with a slight difference, and I don’t do the counting, its an algo I have that does that for me. My trade arn’t based on EW either, I just like to see where we are at based on EW for interest.

  40. @ Jeff. Thank you!


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