Boehner: Obama proposal would hit small business

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  • Washington continues to spend to much
  • Fiscal cliff needs real spending cuts
  • White House proposal not serious
  • Seeking a bipartisan solution
  • Says ready to work with President in good faith
  • There is a stalemate; not posturing
  • We are almost nowhere

Many small businesses are taxed at personal income tax rates…



Jamie Coleman


  1. “What you see is what you get”
    Boehner for President.

  2. It didn’t sound too convincing to me. Obama sounded like he was expecting the Reps to roll over and John sounded like he was getting ready to seriously dig the heels in. Can see relations deteriorating before some sort of a temporary solution is found.

  3. Gotta agree… as a former small business owner, I got creamed on taxes. That was money that would’ve went directly into reinvestment in business equipment

  4. Someone needs to tap Boehner on the shoulder and remind him that the election is over and they lost.

    Quite frankly, I can’t believe Boehner let loose with such controversial comments on such jittery global markets knowing full well the impact that these comments have…again….two days running. The outside world is looking in on the US with some disbelief. You won’t get much sympathy down here, Australia, with your tax rates.

  5. Nope. His team won the House. It’s called divided government. Thank god for that. Look what those ass-hats did in 2009/10…

  6. The whole world is still trying to get over what Bush did!

  7. Spare me…

  8. lol Jamie… that’s Friends [voters] with benefits .. :D

  9. mary please….the dems never put a budget fwd when they controlled all the houses of congress, at least the repubs live in the land of reality not willy wonka choc factory….i say let the cliff happen and cream the mkts we need real entitlement reform and real tax code reform…obama won due to hurricane sandy nothing else is still a horrible leader…dig your heels in beohner the business public not the dems social public is behind you…enough said…sorry for the rant Jamie…

  10. @ Mary:

    The best solution is ONE partisan system.. RIGHT ?? No need to be stressed with opposition :rofl: :D

  11. Blame Bush Blame Bush Blame Bush…. ad infitium. When will this nonsense stop?

  12. Right, so we don’t call a spade a spade any more? Bush was a horrible President. He started two wars (increased spending) while reducing taxes (reduced revenue). 9/11 happened on his watch. So if you’re going to blame Obama, and you should, for Benghazi, which was a minor thing that Republicans love to get outraged about, how about you get outraged over Bush’s much more massive failure? That’s right, because you’re partisan phonies.

    I personally would like to think that pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan immediately would have been the best thing for Obama to do, but I am not sure of the effects on the Middle East.

  13. LOL what an ignorant post.

    Sure 9/11 happened on GDub’s watch. But the planning took place on Clinton’s. Clinton had ample opportunities to take out Bin Laden, and chose not to. The first Trade Towers bombing was during the Clinton administration. But again, the planning took place during GHWBush’s administration. Credit to Clinton for not whining about it. The Iran hostage situation happened during the Carter administration. But the seeds for the Iranian revolution were planted in way back in 1953, during the Truman administration.

    Every administration can blame the last, one back. and Obama has chosen to whine about it and do so. But it was part of his job description to deal with whatever happened, as it happened.

    And Benghazi is a “minor” thing? But because you’re not a repub, you’re not outraged about it? AMERICANS should be outraged, party notwithstanding.

    You have some displace values…

    You also have some chapters missing in your history book

  14. What’s ignorant about what I said? I do not have my history incorrect at all. I just didn’t say all that you said about previous administrations. I’m merely annoyed at what Republicans blame Obama for.

    We have a lot in agreement actually. I’m just pointing out hypocrisy. Though, I dispute with you taking the “minor” comment out of context. 4 people dead versus 3k+ dead. Of course it’s minor in that regard. And yeah, I’m not outraged. I really don’t care about it. 9/11 didn’t bother me either if I can be perfectly honest. Yeah it sucks a bunch of people died and all that, of course I get that, but it’s the events afterwards that’s caused more issues to me (going into 2 protracted wars while cutting revenues).


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