Chinese plane flew over disputed islands, Japan protests – Japan govt

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Oh dear :(

China Foreign Ministry says China plane’s overflight of disputed islands “completely normal”

China Foreign Ministry calls on Japan to halt all entries into waters, airspace around islands

Oh dear :(



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Gerry Davies


  1. These crazy ex-commie guys will start WWIII one day, of that much I am certain.

  2. @fxgai …why Ex commie guys

  3. @fxgai, really? Are you so sure of that? I think empirical evidence speaks strongly against your assertion. The Chinese are among the most peaceful people in human history, at not one single time in history have they invaded another country or started or waged war with other nations. I do not care what issue you have with Chinese (other than possibly some 25 year old college students cruising with Ferraris in front of your house) but let’s stick to facts for a second. I say this as European I am not Asian.

  4. …but let me tell you what I am scared of: As someone having lived in central Tokyo for many years and having to witness how year over year politicians nor central banker fail to lower spending and the deflationary spiral, respectively, and suddenly comes along a crazy nationalist mayor (Ishihara) and politicizing a completely uninhabited island. Furthermore thoughts of revising the Japanese constitution to re-militarize Japan….that is what scares me. Japanese have a very funny way of dealing with being handed from 2nd to 3rd place economically. Face-saving and national pride (mostly aimed at Chinese) often results in bizarre moves and actions. Funny because almost all economic problems in Japan are home-made, and could be created if younger employees, students, and those who have more than 50 years of further life expectancy would rise up and grab the reigns. Instead the country is muted and numbed by self-serving 65+ year old politicians and industry leaders who hardly understand a single trend that directly affects their industry. This country is held hostage by big business, I do not know how else to put it. And sometimes, conveniently before elections bizarre nationalistic steps are taken to win voters. Its a true pity because I see a whole generation wasted and burnt in front of my eyes by self-serving yet disillusioned senile people who should be enjoying their retirement instead of playing politicians or board members.

  5. Danny,

    They have moved away from communist policies in terms of economics, that’s why I use ex. In other aspects they do of course stick with communist ideas.


    Yes personally I am sure. You talk about history but when has that ever been a guide of anything in the future? The Japanese hadn’t invaded China until they did in WWII, right? There’s a first time for everything. You tell me the Chinese are peaceful – take a look at the anti-Japanese riots recently and tell me that once again. Look at what else China is up to in South East Asia. The Philippines said the other day they would welcome a more assertive Japan to counter balance the increasingly militarist Chinese threat. Have you met many Chinese youths? Many appear to have been indoctrinated with a belief that anything is justified if it is for the benefit of “China” the state. They believe “might is right”. Sad to say this sort of crazy thinking is not so dissimilar to the type of irrational nonsense that permeated Japan before they went off down their dark path of war.

    I have no issues with anyone who drives a Ferrari… I’m glad you have favourable views of the Chinese, but I question how you could not have issues with their recent behaviour.

  6. in summary, I urge Gerry to travel to Japan to teach how to enjoy retirement. I think he should especially talk about his Friday night outings….

  7. @frankieee, I agree with you that Chinese will not be the one starting WWIII – it is simply not in their interest to wage a war right now. The Chinese-Japan news these days in my view is just political posturing – new administration need some good speeches on TV, just like how Japan politicians like to do shrine visits. Though I wouldn’t necessarily say that the Chinese is most peaceful, more or less the same as any other nation – there had been a lot of bloody civil wars and invasions to expand borders throughout our history in dynasties like Tong, Yuan, etc.. Invasions just fell out of public favors in modern times.

  8. Danny, you are delusional. First of all, Japan has shown a lot of aggression towards Russia, the US, and others before and after they invaded China. China has not in its entire history. And if the past is no guideline for the future, can you explain to all of us your approach to trading, to live, to basically anything? Sorry but your comments make very little sense, but you get 1 point for ink usage.

  9. @Danny, and yes, I have lived half my life (= 19 years) in Asia, Hong Kong, Mainland, Japan. So, I think I do understand the political moves behind why the Chinese government had an interest to respond in a bold way to Japanese aggression regarding the islands (after all there was a very important handover of power in China this year, and whatever critical eyes are on Japan are not on China if you know what I mean). Every country plays their cards in their most favorable ways, all I said was to urge you to stop making assumptions that are taken out of thin air. Demonstrations, violent or not, cannot be set equal to country invasions and mass killings. I hope you see the difference here.

  10. frankieee – and because now I can have sex, I’ll be able to even when I’ll be 80 years old…

    invading your neighbors is usually about you being able to pillage something from them and the cost of invasion being smaller than the what you manage to pillage. Never had anything to do with being peaceful or not, supposing a nation can ever have such a characteristic(which is absurd, to being with). China had, sea in the east, a 8k km high mountain range to the south and Xiongnu/Mongolia/various migratories to the north and west. Now, unexpectedly, there wasn’t much to pillage from, let’s say Mongolia generically, so the chinese were the ones invaded and not the other way around. And this doesn’t have anything to do with mongolians being warlike and chinese supposedly being peaceful.

    post ww2, when China stopped being the laughin’ stock of the world, the so peaceful people of China were involved in: Korean war, the border war with India in Himalaya, attempt to invade Vietnam, invasion and conquest of Tibet. Pity that living somewhere doesn’t make one expert in history of that area…

  11. frankieee, as I said there was a first time for Japan to wage war too, once upon a time. To think it is beyond China because they haven’t already done so is like saying USD/JPY can never go below 80, or AUD/USD can never go above 1.00 because it’s never done so before. History is made all of the time. Watch the trend. Maybe you are a counter-trend trader?

    GalantnostS, I agree the Chinese are not about to start waging a war on Japan right now, but I see a disturbing trend. With the leadership change out of the way what purpose does further provocation server? If it were just the government messing around with it’s encroaches in the territory of other states (instead of taking any disputes it might have to the ICJ like civilized nations), I would be more relaxed, but there are millions of youths coming through an education system that is designed to make them believe that whatever is in the interest of the state is justified. That includes violence and military force. Maybe I have just come across a few too many ultra-nationalists from that region, but the anti-Japanese demonstrations were more than some minor riots in my eyes. I see a pattern emerging.

  12. Vlad – Notice how most of those were wars to defend their national sovereignty (I consider Tibet to be Chinese territory). And that’s tiny compare that to the what 50+ countries the US has attacked in the last century?

    Tibet was only one of the Chinese rogue provinces that was reclaimed following the century of humiliation (funny you didn’t mention xinjiang and inner mongolia if you considered it a “conquest”). There wasn’t even fighting involved. The fighting only started when the CIA and the Dalai Lama started an insurrection AFTERWARDS.

    Chinese involvement in the Korean war only started when US troops crossed over the Yalu River.

    The skirmish with India only started when Indian nationalists objected over China building some mountain roads near the border (after it was finished). China at one point even took over Kashmir, but gave it back to be friends with India again.

    With the Vietnam invasion, China was sadly enough bribed into attacking them by the US! What with the kissinger pingpong diplomacy bullshit trying to drive a wedge through the soviet-vietnam alliance. China invaded and took the Hanoi capitol only to prove a point. The soviets didn’t help Vietnam like they said they would and the alliance was broken.

  13. “I consider Tibet to be Chinese territory” – I can also consider my neighbor’s backyard my territory… That doesn’t mean squat.
    “There wasn’t even fighting involved.” – sure there wasn’t; they didn’t have something worth of the name of army… The fact you invade a country without an proper army doesn’t make the invasion less of an invasion.
    “(funny you didn’t mention xinjiang and inner mongolia if you considered it a “conquest”” – right, I forgot that.
    China never took Hanoi. They were 100km from it…

    really… I’m more of a historian then a trader or a programmer. And due to that, I’ve read probably thousands of bs justifications for various wars in my life. And frankly, the bs is usually the same.

    “And that’s tiny compare that to the what 50+ countries the US has attacked in the last century?” – what has US to do with China’s wars? The fact that US is aggressive doesn’t make China peaceful, does it? It’s logic 1.01.

    fact is, more or less none of China’s neighbors can stand them… Sure, you can live a dream world and say all their neighbors are bad and China is peaceful. But… that hardly has anything to do with reality.

    China is trying to become powerful(they ain’t right now) and since it’s a mess economy wise due to huge imbalances, will be aggressive. Not because the chinese are aggressive, but because that’s what states in this situation do. It’s a reality; like sun raising in the east and not in the west…

    And the fact US will probably take the same path, is irrelevant when talking about China.

  14. anyone who thinks chinese are peaceful people are living in a dream world. They have attacked viciously to defend their interest. Having said that they think very strategically and will not initiate invasion.However their gifting nukes to a rogue pakistan,missileproliferation etc point to one inescapable conclusion that they know that there is a global war coming between west and islam due to israel and they will not hesitate to hurt the west in this war. This is a very very dangerous nation . Having said that I have no sympathy for the japs. They aroused a sleeping dragon by their senseless invasion and rape of nanking.Now the dragon is awake.He has japan and south east asia in its gunsight.


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