What was your best trade of 2012?

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It was a pretty lousy year in terms of volatility with the period since May/June when Spain came under pressure particularly quiet. Nonetheless, there were some good trades out there. What was your best?


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Jamie Coleman


  1. Shorting the EUR/USD at the end of April and going long USD/JPY on that downspike on September 13th. Everything else was pretty much crap.

  2. Long E/Y from 99.5 to 109. Closed today. Too much risk on the Japanese election.

  3. usd/jpy long since Oct 2nd. currently running at +540 pips.

  4. Bought EUR/USD at 1.2140, sold at 1.3000.

  5. I have many as I day trade ONLY and NEVER hold positions overnight… The latest best one being yesterday as the Fed rate – long with 5 lots. Excellent stuff!

  6. chronologically:

    e/jpy short at 110
    e/cad long at 1.216 – I’ve played it like the ultimate n00b. Left at 1.24 and 1.25… But was dumb luck – bought and next day starting going up.
    e/gbp – long recently at .8 and .797 – that was absolutely the best. 0 stress. Unloaded, loaded at the prefect moments. Was like… wtf.
    1st prize goes to cad/jpy before last nfp – 6mins., helluva profit. Profit/minute hard to beat Sure, looking now where cad/jpy is I wonder why I left at 83.6, but hey… was a bet, not a trade.

    worst – short e/u at 1.264 in august and not jumping out in time, trying to rescue instead. My ass still hurts from that one ;)

    Never thought ben’s so stupid.Serves me right for trusting an economist :p

    if lucky, e/aud long will be a very good trade; been excellent so far, though, man… I hate the differential… Missed long at 1.238 on aud/nzd and short at 1.278, but than, I hate aud/nzd anyway…

    all in all, over 70% of the picks were close to perfection. But generally closed to early, since volatility was so crappy.

    bread&butter – eur/usd intraday. Boring, boring, boring, but… pretty profitable.

  7. giving up trading fx to just trade crude and the e-mini s+p futures…….

  8. Riding the wave in EUR/AUD throughout the summer. Rode it down to the doldrums and back to the post-OMT highs. Gotta thank forexlive for that one.

  9. I’m a scalper, doing on average 50 trades a day, mostly between 3 and 20 pips. I leave some nicely placed positions longer, though, the best being 190 pips short EURUSD in october.

  10. GC & SI at most of the FOMCs

  11. Yesss, The best trade for me was selling EURUSD on friday, the day before election in France which Francois Hollande won and I was one of those happy for that, bcs Monday when market opened I was on lots of pip benefit. this was sweetest one.

  12. USD/JPY for a couple months now. Added when Yen went over 83. Been great and still see more to come.
    Several other short EUR v USD were good but turned on me before I took profits—sigh. Never got long the EUR and still don’t see the current level making any fundamental sense.



  13. Thoughts on a reasonable stop loss point on USD/JPY for a longer term investor? Wasn’t 82.9 to 83.0 previous resistance, now should be support? Nice gain I’d like to ride, but take some off the table if it backs up too far.



  14. Yes, dave. Maybe a hair lower, 82.75 or so. We stop a number of time in the 82.80 area before breaking back above…

  15. Best trade this year 8 lots at 78,12 (USD/JPY) out at 81,90. :)

  16. I honestly had the best luck ever…..I simply got fed up with trading currencies…had 50 bucks left in my account. All I did was draw a straight trend line on EUR/AUD from mid feb to mid may on the daily. As soon as it broke that line I placed a short and added to my short at 35 times margin…rode it down from 28 to 17 ish. turned 50 bucks into 4k. Everyday just added to my position at work on my cell phone. THEN around june drew another straight line downtrend and when it broke…placed the 4k long and added. Turned that 4 k into 120k….I would of held on but my broker closed my trades and my account!!! AND…still waiting on my money to be deposited…been a month now…:(

  17. Short audusd in May. Short gbpaud in June. Those two trade have made 80% of my profits this year.


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