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A week ago I warned of a major breakout in EUR/USD, USD/JPY and EUR/JPY and warned you not to fade (sell into) the strength. A week later we are nearly 300 pips higher in EUR/USD, 125 pips in USD/JPY and 350 pips higher in EUR/JPY.

Hope you went with the flow rather than bucking the trend, as retail traders so often do…


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Jamie Coleman


  1. Stayed out of these altogether, though I should have gone with your advice, Jamie!

    Where do you see us a week from now? :)

  2. Hi Jamie followed your advice and made a cubic yard of pips. By following my instinct I went contrarian a few times on cable and NZDUSD and AUDUSD… Screwed AUDUSD and missed today’s cable move (but not yesterday) but I’m almost happy… But I don’t want to trade NFP tomorrow. I always screw NFP …

  3. Nice job Jamie! I hope you followed your own advice and made shitloads of money! :)

    What do you think of USD/CHF? I’m long from 0.9085, but it’s been sluggish to take off. NFP scaring people off?

  4. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. You stay long until market starts to show weakness, for example EUR/USD slips below 1.3480. Hard to pick tops and bottoms. The point is to catch the belly of the move…

  5. had main buy but also had small sells during as well

  6. I’m an inherent bull for so many reasons (carry rates, I like the color green, etc.) so I don’t really understand how so many people want to short everything all the time. That said, I’m typically too cautious to jump in, especially when a pair has already run up pretty high. At any rate, thanks for all the insight!

  7. For once I just went with the flow on this one, thanks for the timely info Jamie as usual.

  8. I won’t touch it with a barge pole…too crossed up and I have no idea what the deal is with EUR/CHF. Should be higher, but it is not.

  9. What is behind these non-sense moves? I guess that Jamies is right, momentum is an important player at short term.

    But, yesterday I read a very interesting article by Bill Gross. He recommends buying euros, and the reason is that with the currency war, the Fed will engage in a more aggressive easing. So you have the BOJ and the Fed easing, while the BCE will not do that, since they want to keep the euro together.

    I don’t share his point of view. I think that it has many flaws, but who knows if the big players believe the same…

  10. Jamie – just want to say thanks for your commentary over the last couple weeks on these pairs. It was a contributing factor to some nice profits.

  11. gave up long ago with eur/chf but do agree with you on it. rest I got it but played eur/jpy ( animal) and gbp/jpy mainly as I kept and keeping eurusd

  12. Jamie – Great advice.

    GBP/JPY any thoughts?? seems to to in the same groove.

  13. Much prefer EUR/JPY to GBP/JPY. A much cleaner play…The real lottery ticket play, where the biggest money can be made is EUR/AUD. That one could explode…

  14. Thanks Jamie – EUR/AUD I like that play too, got long 2 days ago already up 100+
    I am waiting for the big move!! ;)

  15. Since we are at the end of the week, do u reckon there will be significant short coverings tomorrow after these weeks eur/jpy bump?

  16. Thanks to your post http://www.forexlive.com/blog/2013/01/15/get-em-while-their-cheap/ I got eurusd really cheap! This is where ForexLive makes itself priceless and those that know what to do with the information very happy :-)

  17. major conjestion at 1.30ish, spx looking tired euro dizzy, I reduced all my buys on euro to free trade

  18. Langers,

    Could you tell me why you believed that the euro was cheap back then?

  19. I have been long on eur/jpy, aud/jpy usd/jpy and eur/usd and in the last two weeks I have pocketed over 2000 pips…sounds good, only thing is, i had gone back to ‘training’ and made those pips in demo account :(

    Kick in the nutz!! but at least i’m improving my trading technique :)

  20. GBP/JPY F…king head wrecker (lol)

  21. Asier, to me cheap means low risk. I always identify where I need to place my stoploss and then try and get entry as close as possible.

  22. It makes sense, although I think that it’s more likely to go down than to go up. From the fundamental point of view, the euro is too expensive, but that’s just my opinion.

  23. Asier, I can understand that view point but it is the job of the trader to make money ‘whatever it takes’

  24. I agree. But I don’t enter a trade except if there is a reason for me to buy or sell the pair. I don’t open a trade because it’s going up, or because everybody else is buying it. Just my personal trading method…

    Given the global economic situation, we can see a global crash at any time, even worse that Lehman in 2008. If I predict this, and I do, I would rather hold “safe” assets. I don’t think that the euro will perform well.


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