Forget the Big Mac currency index … here comes the iPad Mini Index

You’ve heard about the Big Mac Index from The Economist magazine, which tracks currency valuations through the price of Big Macs around the world (as an aside … why am I getting hungry all of a sudden?) – now prepare yourself for an alternative measure, the iPad Mini Index.

The new Geo-Graphics iPad Mini Index

a global product that travels by plane in a coat pocket, unlike a burger, and its manufacturer, Apple, is highly attuned to shifting currency values

What does it show?

  • The Swiss franc is a bit overvalued
  • The Malaysian ringgit undervalued, but the scale of the misvaluation is much less than the Big Mac index suggests
  • The RMB may be closer to its “correct” level than Big Macs, and numerous pundits, suggest



Author: Eamonn Sheridan

Eamonn Sheridan worked with Bankers Trust Australia for 13 years as a Spot foreign exchange dealer, trading across all major currencies and all time zones. He rose to a Vice President position, running spot operations during the busy European time, leaving the bank just prior to it being sold to concentrate on running his own business in the ‘real world’! The markets, however, had him hooked – he continued to trade equities, CFDs and then on to futures, giving him broad experience across financial markets. He is now active in FX and equity index futures as well as writing for ForexLive™. Eamonn is a graduate of The University of Melbourne in Australia and lives in New South Wales.


  1. interesting share Eamonn. so looks like the second most undervalued based on the ipad mini exchange rate is AUD… lol. Glenn stevens wouldnt be happy.

  2. Just to add on. iPad mini is probably more accurate than big-mac coz mac products are not made in the same location\country hence the cost would definitely vary whereas ipad mini’s are all made in china on a similar or same cost.