Here’s the official agenda for the Jackson Hole symposium this weekend

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As noted yesterday, the list of absentees is more illustrious than the list of who is going to be there. by the way, did anyone ever find out what it is that ben Bernanke is doing to keep him away from the Hole (sounds like a seedy nightclub when you say it like that … actually, if your in Sydney).

Anyways, here’s who’s speaking, and when:

What’s on the Agenda for Jackson Hole This Year?

Author: Eamonn Sheridan

Eamonn Sheridan worked with Bankers Trust Australia for 13 years as a Spot foreign exchange dealer, trading across all major currencies and all time zones. He rose to a Vice President position, running spot operations during the busy European time, leaving the bank just prior to it being sold to concentrate on running his own business in the ‘real world’! The markets, however, had him hooked – he continued to trade equities, CFDs and then on to futures, giving him broad experience across financial markets. He is now active in FX and equity index futures as well as writing for ForexLive™. Eamonn is a graduate of The University of Melbourne in Australia and lives in New South Wales.


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  1. Eamonn, I think we need a place on the site for, shall I say, tangential topics, like the recent “be very afraid” thread. Obviously, just judging by the number of comments, this is popular — but of course not with everyone. Eventually (quickly, even), these threads move off the main page, as they probably should, and off the comments side bar (which is absolutely FUBAR in any case), but I imagine there are quite a few people (besides me) who would like to keep abreast of such threads. Not off topic, just tangentially off topic. ;) What do you think? If you need a definition of the acronym FUBAR (I doubt you do), happy to oblige.

  2. I think you are spot on correct Deus.

    1. Area for more tangential topics would be fantastic. I’ll admit those threads are not usually my cup of tea, but there is plenty of interest in them, as shown by the lively discussion there
    2. Comments sidebar is FUBAR – it seems to pop comments in at random there

    I would also like to see, and really urgently, some way for participants to post charts etc. directly to the site

  3. Agreed Deus, it was shoving all the important order and tech posts off the comments tab ALL DAY.

  4. Thats is valuable feedback thanks Ryan

  5. Good idea, Eamonn. Yes the comments sidebar is absolutely a chronological throw of the dice (sounds nicer than FUBAR, eh?). But it’s like some cosmic worm hole suddenly opening up right next to you, where snippets of time gone by, or time present, seemingly at random, suddenly materialize, disappear, and then materialize again. It’s an SF novel waiting to be written. And Einstein be damned, the time travel is bi-directional; you can be in the present, then the past, then back to the present again, only to return to the past. Stephen Hawking could fix it I’m sure, and I think your programmers should contact him without further delay. ;)

  6. Ryan Latorre: As is, one cannot count on *anything* being in the comments side bar when it’s supposed to be there. “FUBAR” = F***** Up Beyond All Recognition, something the US military stenciled on the side of caskets from the war in Vietnam, caskets which were *not* supposed to be opened to close relatives in the States, for what should be obvious reasons. The sidebar is FUBAR, sadly.

  7. Yup I’ve noticed the side bar has been a roll of the dice with comments but even when you click on the ” recent comments ” link and actually get on the ” comments ” page, you get posts disapearing and buried under others way too quickly

  8. ( Maybe they have all gone fishing ) Jackson Hole is a fishing mecca, with some of the world’s best trout streams and beautiful mountain lakes holding an abundance of native Cutthroat trout. The Snake River is the most well-known of Jackson Hole’s fishing options, and it offers legendary dry fly fishing with Teton backdrops. The Snake River is big water and we recommend a float trip with a guide to maximize the experience.


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