December 19th, 2014 14:05:04 GMT.

Option expiries 10am NY cut 19 Dec


USDJPY  117.00 (USD 4.8bln) 118.50 (USD 1.3bln) 119.00 (USD 2.3bln) 119.50 (USD 1.2bln) 120.00 (USD 6.6bln) EURUSD 1.2200 (EUR 1.5bln) 1.2250-60 (EUR 3.1bln) 1.2300 (EUR 10bln) 1.2350 (EUR 6bln) GBPUSD 1.5550 (GBP 300m) 1.5600 (GBP 335m) 1.5700 (GBP 1bln) USDCHF … Continue reading


December 18th, 2014 05:50:23 GMT.

Option expiries 10am NY cut 18 Dec


USDJPY 116.50 (USD 1bln) 117.00 (USD 1.2bln) 117.65 (USD 1.5bln) 117.85-118.00 (USD 1.8bln) EURUSD 1.2300 (EUR 2.7bln) 1.2400 (EUR 2bln) 1.2430 (EUR 500m) 1.2450 (EUR 572m)  1.2500 (EUR 866m) 1.2500-05 (EUR 1.3bln) 1.2525 (EUR 1bln) 1.2600 (1.7bln) GBPUSD none* USDCAD … Continue reading


December 17th, 2014 05:43:51 GMT.

Option expiries 10am NY cut 17 Dec


USDJPY 115.00 (USD 500m) 116.25-30 (USD 440m) 116.50 (USD 1.6bln) 116.75 (USD 410m) 117.00 (USD 603m) 117.20 (USD 560m) 118.25 (USD 1.4bln) 119.50 (USD 4.8bln) EURUSD 1.2400 (EUR 750m) 1.2500 (EUR 2bln) 1.2575 (EUR 1.1bln) 1.2600 (EUR 1.3bln) GBPUSD 1.5630 … Continue reading


December 16th, 2014 05:41:59 GMT.

Option expiries 10am NY cut 16 Dec


USDJPY  117.00 (USD 2.7bln) 118.00 (USD 1.7bln) 119.00 (USD 1.3bln) 120.00 (USD 3.68bln) EURUSD 1.2300 (EUR 706m) 1.2500 (EUR 1.3bln) 1.2550 (EUR 789m) GBPUSD 1.5800 (GBP 747m) USDCAD 1.1500 (USD 340m) AUDUSD none EURGBP 0.7820 (EUR 829m) 0.7975 (EUR 501m) … Continue reading


December 15th, 2014 05:47:19 GMT.

Option expiries 10am NY cut 15 Dec


USDJPY 117.50 (USD 754m) 118.80 (USD 1bln) 120.00 (USD 665m) 121.00 (USD 1.1bln) EURUSD 1.2200 (EUR 1.2bln) 1.2400 (EUR 1.5bln) 1.2450 (EUR 730m) 1.2500 (EUR 3.0bln) GBPUSD 1.6000 (GBP 304m) USDCHF 0.9635-40 (USD 315m) USDCAD 1.1500 (USD 352m) 1.1600 (USD … Continue reading


December 12th, 2014 05:48:32 GMT.

Option expiries 10am NY cut 12 Dec


USDJPY 117.00 (USD 1bln) 118.00 (USD 500m) 119.00 (USD 1.2bln) 120.00-15 (USD 5.4bln) EURUSD 1.2300 (EUR 1.26bln) 1.2325-30 (EUR 590m) 1.2350-60 (EUR 823m) 1.2400 (EUR 1bln) 1.2500 (EUR 527m) GBPUSD 1.5800 (GBP 835m) USDCHF 0.9710 (USD 450m) 0.9720 (USD 490m) … Continue reading


December 11th, 2014 14:31:18 GMT.

Option expiries 10am NY cut 11 Dec


USDJPY 118.00 (USD 583m) 118.15 (USD 480m) 119.00 (USD 650m) 120.00 (USD 320m) 120.20 (USD 480m) EURUSD 1.2300 (EUR 551m) 1.2350 (EUR 800m) 1.2385 (EUR 453m) 1.2400 (EUR 990m) 1.2415-25 (EUR 740m) 1.2500 (EUR 1.4bln) GBPUSD 1.5605 (GBP 361m) USDCHF … Continue reading


December 10th, 2014 05:48:13 GMT.

Option expiries 10am NY cut 10 Dec


USDJPY 118.00 (USD 250m) 119.50 (USD 580m) 120.00 (USD 300m) EURUSD 1.2300-10 (EUR 2.5bln) 1.2330 ( EUR 640m) 1.2390-1.2400 (EUR 800m) GBPUSD 1.5840-50 (GBP 500m) USDCAD 1.1400 (USD 250m) 1.1425 (USD 450m) AUDUSD none NZDUSD 0.7770 (NZD 270m) EURGBP 0.7840 … Continue reading


December 9th, 2014 13:43:15 GMT.

Option expiries 10am NY cut 9 Dec


USDJPY 120.50 (USD 750m) EURUSD 1.2200 (EUR 510m) 1.2250 (EUR 353m) 1.2300 (EUR 415m) 1.2350 (EUR 238m) 1.2400 (EUR 404m) 1.2450 (EUR 2.3bln) GBPUSD 1.5400 (GBP 300m) 1.5860 (GBP 300m) USDCAD 1.1250 (USD 1.8bln) 1.1400 (USD 1.9bln) 1.1450-60 (USD 2bln) … Continue reading


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