ECB policy makers disagree on setting a firm bond buying end-date in October

Author: Mike Paterson | Category: Central Banks

Reuters "sources" being cited 19 Sept

  • some elements of decision could be put off to December
  • concern over euro strength is leading to uncertainty and divide within ECB council
  • some ECB rate setters want to be able to extend or expand buys if needed

The six " sources"  say the spilt is between hawks of the north such as Germany who are ready to wind down the €2.3bln bon purchase programme and the doves who just want to reduce the monthly pace.

Funny coincidence that the last time these Reuters "sources" were trawled out the euro had also been enjoying a good time of it.

Spooky huh? Or not ofc.

EURUSD down to 1.1965 and EURJPY 133.43 after those heady highs of 1.2007 and 134.18 earlier but not down a great deal on the news.  Eurozone bond yields lower too.

Last week I reported ECB's Jazbec saying the tapering decision has been postponed but is inevitable.

                                  ECB in disagreement over taper timing

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