Heads up for BOJ Gov. Kuroda to speak today - from 0050 GMT

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: Central Banks

Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda will be in the parliament today from 10.50am local time

  • 0050 GMT 
Just a heads up.

It looks like Kuroda will be reappointed to head the BOJ when his term expires in April. A lot of reporting on this about the place, mainly taking the line that it means a continuation of the BOJ easing policy .... which, yeah it does. But there are changes afoot - perhaps switching YCC to focus on the 5 year rather than the 10 and also perhaps a formal abandonment of the 8o tln yen buy target for JGBs (which is irrelevant) .... Mind you, I am not holding my breath for either.