Australian Labour Market Report for August due today - previews

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: News

The employment report (due 14 September 2017 0130GMT) is likely to produce some AUD volatility

Greg had this earlier:
And I posted this from ANZ and CBA:
Oh, and for survey of expectations:
(but, you know, to save you a click:
  • Employment Change expected +20.0K, prior +27.9K
  • Unemployment Rate expected 5.6%, prior 5.6%
  • Full Time Employment Change, prior was -20.3K
  • Part Time Employment Change, prior was +48.2K
  • Participation Rate expected 65.1%, prior was 65.1%

Also, earlier this week I posted this (previews from 3 banks in here, worth checking out if you haven't seen it): Australian jobs report due Thursday - preview

Oh ... and just a BTW - I've heard a 'whisper' number for the headline result today at 12K. I often hear these and pretty much disregard them, but this one is from a trusted source. I still think its most likely not correct but just alerting ForexLive traders about what's being said.

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