Why was Bank of England Governor Mark Carney was at the White House Friday?

Author: Adam Button | Category: Central Banks

Carney reportedly met with Gary Cohn

After rumors earlier today, a Bank of England spokesman confirmed that Bank of England Governor Mark Carney met with White House economic advisor Gary Cohn today.

They only confirmed it after video and pictures of Carney walking into the White House were uncovered.

Carney has been the Governor of the Bank of Canada and the Bank of England. How about Chairman of the Fed next? His term at the BOE is done in June 2019 while Yellen's term is up in February 2018, so it would take some juggling to manage it. A non-US citizen has never been Fed chair.

An NBC corresponded said Carney was directly asked if he was there for Yellen's job and he didn't directly deny it.

The official explanation from the Bank of England was that he was there to discuss financial stability.