Barnier says all EU rules will apply in Brexit transitional period

Author: Mike Paterson | Category: News

EU Brexit head negotiator out with a few comments 13 March

  • wants ambitious partnership with UK post-Brrexit
  • Brexit negotiations are extremely complex
  • EU is open to UK's ideas on avoiding hard Irish border
  • EU has concerns over possible UK regulatory dumping
  • UK PM May's red lines close many EU doors
Barnier pouring a little cold water on yesterday's comments from UK junior Brexit min which helped give GBP a bid.

GBP unfazed at the moment though. GBPUSD 1.3892 getting a little support from GBPJPY demand up to look at 149.00 with USDJPY posting highs around 107.23

Mr B still talking in Strasbourg. French speakers can follow live here

Oh, he's just sat down. Oh well. Might be some more to come.