China data - Jan/Feb (combined) retail sales up 9.7% vs. expected at +9.8%

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: News

Focus on the YTD, which captures both January and February  - lunar the new year holiday distorted these figures 

Industrial production YTD y/y +7.2% ... a huge beat 
  • expected 6.2%, prior was 6.6%
Fixed Assets (excluding rural) YTD y/y +7.9%, ditto on the beat
  • expected 7.0%, prior was 7.2%
Retail Sales YTD y/y +9.7% for a small miss 
  • expected 9.8%, prior was 10.2%
AUD getting a boost from this net strong China data, not a huge boost but a few points to the better and the high of the session range so far.
Initial resistance should kick in around 0.7870-odd, where we are now