Coinbase CEO touts 'Netscape moment' for cryptocurrecies

Author: Adam Button | Category: News

Wait, what?

The co-founder of crypto-exchange Coinbase picked a strange company to compare himself too. In a blog post yesterday he announced this company had raised $100 million in debt funding.

Coinbase is the most popular retail exchange for digital currencies -- something that will make a target for regulators.

What was bizarre in the post is that he said digital currencies were having their 'Netscape' moment.

He linked to a video where he made the same point. He didn't elaborate in either instance but the inference was that Netscape Navigator popularized internet browsing.

That may be true but it's a strange company to compare yourself to after getting $100m from investors. It was eventually crushed by Microsoft, although it managed to find a sucker in AOL to sell itself to for $4.2 billion.