ECB's Weidmann sees inflation pressures remaining subdued

Author: Mike Paterson | Category: Central Banks

ECB gov council member and BUBA head Weidmann in scheduled speech 17 Nov

  • German growth may be stronger than in BUBA's June f/c
  • duration and strength  of German recovery is impressive
  • recovery has progressed more than inflation signals
  • ECB proposals on NPLs are sensible
  • Germany risks a drop in growth potential without reforms.
Ntg of note I can see on first sight.

EURUSDF suitably unfazed at 1.1795 as is EURGBP at 0.8940 and EURJPY at 132.82

It seem our Jens is an aspiring stand-up comic though too. Check out his concluding remarks:

"Let me conclude.

After all, I would not want to evoke the feelings that a doctor once gave to a patient who craved immortality.

The doctor informed the patient that immortality was beyond the reach of medicine, but the patient was insistent:"Is there nothing I can do?"The doctor replied:"Well, there is one thing. You could marry an economist and move to North Dakota.""And that will make me immortal?""No.But that way, even six months will seem like an eternity."

Full speech here

      " By the way Angie, how are those coalition talks coming along?"