Japan chief cabinet secretary Suga says no comment on FX levels

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: News

Does say Japan economic fundamentals are firm 

  • Says G7, G20 have agreed excessive forex volatility can harm economy, markets 

That 'G7, G20' comment ... its taken a while to get to but a wee bit of jawboning form the admin ... 

Yen moving a little higher so Suga is going to have to do better than that.

And, here we go, a little more:
  • FX stability is important
  • Watching FX moves with sense of urgency

I posted this morning on an earlier jawboning attempt: The yen surge and the Minister's verbal intervention

Update - ye strength not helping the stock market in Japan today - Nikkei down to a 4 month low 


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