Japan's Nishimura: Currency stability is important, will watch markets

Author: Justin Low | Category: News

Japan's deputy chief cabinet secretary on the wires - 26 January 2018

  • G20 has agreed that disorderly FX moves are undesirable
  • TPP is like fine glasswork, difficult to rework
Earlier on the day, he commented on the inflation figures released in Japan. Nothing too major from Nishimura, keeps in theme with the other major names in calling out Mnuchin's comments on Wednesday.

USD/JPY now at 109.05 after hitting a low of 108.92. The yen is the other major currency lagging behind on the day. It's higher against the dollar, but lower against everything else. EUR/JPY is now above 136.00 again and GBP/JPY is at 155.40.