Trump: Canada treats US unfairly on lumber, timber

Author: Greg Michalowski | Category: News

The USDCAD sees a tick up on comment

Trump is speaking a lot on trade today.

Some comments:
  • steel tariffs and option to counter dumping
  • US steel companies 'hanging on for their lives'
  • Wants to make sure that we have a steel industry
  • US has very bad trade deal with Korea
  • He wants to hear from both sides on trade issue
  • Told China something coming in your future
  • Canada treats US unfairly on lumber, timber
The USDCAD moved up to 1.2606 on the Canada comment. The pair was down toward the 50% of the days range at 1.25849 before the comment.  The price is currently trading at 1.2599. 


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