GBPUSD orders 19 Sept - In retreat again with GBJPY leading the way

Author: Mike Paterson | Category: Forex Orders

Currently 1.3478 in a rush after 1.3552 highs earlier 19 Sept

I did highlight in a previous post the GBPJPY 151.50 area as being key to further gains or retreat and once again it's held to now drop 100 pips to 150.55 I'm not hearing any particular names but I've often mentioned that hedge funds are big fans of the pair so I'm saying this is flow driven on the failure to gain further traction higher.

I hope some of you got short up there or at least managed to unloads some longs. 151.90-00 remains a big line in the sand not seen since Brexit

GBPUSD now has support at 1.3450-60 if we are to contain this latest tumble. Offers re-appearing, and will be building, around 1.3500 with larger into the 1.3530 pivotal area

Keep up at the back !

Offers:  1.3500 1.3525-30 1.3550-55 1.3570 1.3585 1.3600 1.3620 1.3650

Bids:     1.3455-60 1.3430 1.3400 1.3380 1.3365 1.3350 1.3300

                                                      GBPUSD 15m
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