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        Finding an excellent broker requires some effort. There are plenty to choose from, but few that are really satisfactory.

        What if you could find a broker that has been servicing the most demanding high-net worth individuals for over two decades? Don’t you think they would be able to provide more than excellent service and trading conditions?

        Look no further, because Ardu Prime is that broker. After servicing high-net worth individuals and professionals since 1999, they opened their doors to retail traders in 2020. This makes them look like a new broker, but nothing could be further from the truth.

        Ardu Prime

        Quick Look

        Ardu Prime is a forex and CFD broker established in 1999 in Greece, but only opened to retail traders in 2020. They have a long history of excellent service, and with the addition of retail clients they have also added the MetaTrader 5 platform as their trading platform, although they still offer Direct Liquidity Access for institutional clients.

        Their customer service is well known to be excellent, which comes as no surprise since they are accustomed to working with a demanding set of clients.

        The broker is fully regulated and authorized by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission which makes them fully compliant with the European MiFID II and all Anti-Money Laundering Directives. They have also been authorized by the FCA to provide services in the U.K.

        The Broker also provides Premium Trading Tools through a partnership with Trading Central. Clients with funded accounts can access the tools via the online MT5-Portal and directly on the MetaTrader 5 platform after plugin installation. Tools include professional Technical Analysis (Analyst Views), MT5 Indicators and Signals (Alpha Generation), Sentiment and Media analysis (Market Buzz) as well as access to published third party articles and news. The Trading Central tools work for the whole universe of assets on per instrument basis while the Broker does not have any extra charge but only associates access with deposit amount. Guides and videos are available to help users get familiar with the functionalities and certainly any investor or trader would be satisfied with the offering, either beginner, advanced or professional.


        It is always best when a broker is regulated by an outside third-party, so it is good news that Ardu Prime is regulated.

        Ardu Prime has been fully regulated and authorized by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission under license number 4/164/20.7.1999. That also means that Ardu Prime is fully compliant with the European MiFID II and all Anti-Money Laundering Directives since Greece is a part of the European Union. This regulation makes Ardu Prime a solid choice for those who place a premium on strong regulation.

        In addition to the regulation by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission Ardu Prime under passporting regime has also been authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the U.K. under reference number 725166, as well as by the BaFin to provide services in the Federal Republic of Germany under ID #10146106.

        It is all good news on the regulation front for Ardu Prime.

        Account Types

        Ardu Prime has three different account levels available to traders – Standard, Premium, and Institutional. At all levels clients can request no-swap Sharia compliant accounts as well. Many of the benefits of the trading accounts are similar. For example, all the accounts come with dedicated support, and all come with leverage that can go as high as 1:30 (leverage amount is asset-specific).

        All the accounts feature exceptional liquidity where even the largest orders can be executed without slippage. Each account type comes with its own commission structure, and all costs and fees are made fully transparent to the client. Also, each account is based on an STP / No Dealing Desk execution model.

        The differences in each account are the minimum deposits required, access to Trading Central Tools and the commissions.

        Standard Account

        • $1,000 minimum deposit
        • No FX Commissions
        • $2 CFD Commissions
        • Limited Access to Trading Central Premium Tools
        • $0.02 per share for US Equities, $10 minimum

        Premium Account

        • $25,000 minimum deposit
        • Trading Central Premium Tools
        • No FX Commissions
        • $1 CFD Commissions
        • $0.02 per share for US Equities, $5 minimum

        Institutional Account

        • $1000,000 minimum deposit
        • Trading Central Premium Tools
        • Customized commission structure

        Available Assets

        Clients at Ardu Prime are not starved for choices since the broker makes over 150 different CFD assets available for trading. These cover all the most popular asset classes:

        • Forex pairs
        • Commodities
        • Metals
        • Indices
        • U.S. equities
        • Cryptocurrencies

        Trading Platforms

        Retail traders at Ardu Prime get access to the well-known MetaTrader 5 platform. This powerful platform is one of the top CFD trading platforms available. Institutional clients can also use MetaTrader 5 if they like, or they can take advantage of the Direct Liquidity Access (DLA) and connect via API or bridge. MetaTrader 5 was selected based on its advanced trading functions and superior technical analysis tools. With MetaTrader 5 any level trader can make more informed decisions regarding the markets and their trades. Plus, it comes with support for automated trading and a powerful strategy tester is built-in to the platform. Experienced traders may be familiar with the coding language used to build Expert Advisors and Indicators in MetaTrader 4 and will be pleased to know that they can do the same in MetaTrader 5. These can be used to analyze the markets, generate signals or trade automatically. Ardu Prime offers the powerful desktop version of MetaTrader 5, as well as the mobile versions for either iOS or Android operating systems.

        Ardu Prime Trading Platforms

        MetaTrader 5 Features

        • Comprehensive Trading Functions.
        • Advanced Market Depth.
        • Professional Indicators and Tools for Technical Analysis.
        • Economic Calendar.
        • Algorithmic Trading.
        • Enhanced Strategy Tester.
        • Trading Signals.
        • Alerts and push notifications.
        • Desktop / Tablet / iPad / Mobile.
        • Unlimited and easy market access, anywhere, at your fingertips.
        • Available in more than 30 languages.

        MetaTrader 5 Desktop

        The MetaTrader 5 platform was created with expanded functionality which includes over 80 built-in technical indicators. Plus, traders can analyze price action across 21 different time frames and can have up to 100 charts open at the same time.

        MetaTrader 5 Mobile

        The MetaTrader 5 mobile app can be downloaded for your iPhone, iPad or Android device, allowing you access to trade anytime and anywhere. The mobile version provides everything you need in the palm of your hand. Execute new trades and close positions, monitor P&L, set-up pending orders, set or modify Take Profit and Stop Loss. The mobile version also supports One-Click-Trading, allowing you to execute new trades fast and easily. And since it synchronizes with the desktop version, you can always see all your trades from either desktop or mobile.

        Trading Central

        One of the benefits to trading through Ardu Prime is the inclusion of Trading Central tools for Premium account holders. These tools give traders access to automated AI analytics and senior analyst expertise that spans fundamental, technical, news, sentiment, and economic analysis.


        Ardu Prime accepts bank transfers as a deposit and withdrawal method, and EU issued credit/debit cards can be used only for deposits. Through the online portal clients can notify the Broker for any deposits via wire transfer, request withdrawals or make online deposit via card.

        Customer Service

        Ardu Prime provides customer support 24/5 via email and web-form. While support is also available via online chat and telephone during market hours (07:00-17:00 GMT).

        Ardu Prime Customer Service

        Phone: +30 210 3800820

        +30 210 4406757

        Webform: Contact Us Form

        Email: info@arduprime.com

        In Conclusion

        You might think Ardu Prime is a fairly new broker, until you learn that they have been providing broker services to elite clients since 1999. That is a long time, and it certainly contributes an air of excellence around the broker.

        In looking at the offerings and trading conditions it felt like Ardu Prime is more suitable for experienced traders, although to be fair there is dedicated support in addition to access to Trading Central tools so new traders could easily thrive here as well.

        The assets offered are extensive enough to allow for diversification, although it would be good to see the number of stocks and cryptocurrencies increased. And it was excellent to see that MetaTrader 5 is offered as the trading platform. We are sure Ardu Prime could have gone to the effort of creating a custom platform, but why do that when MetaTrader is available.

        Add in regulation from an EU regulating body, and we think you will agree that Ardu Prime is well worth trying as your CFD broker.

        Full Breakdown Filters

        Full Breakdown

        Full Breakdown

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