• Minimum Deposit

    • 50-500
  • Leverage

    • 400:1
  • Regulation

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    Many times traders will look for new and innovative CFD and forex brokers to take advantage of the latest developments in trading technologies. Many new brokers have emerged in 2021, and one of these is the Saint Vincent and Grenadines based Kaarat. This is a new offshore broker that’s positioning itself as a broker that makes trading simple and manageable. Ultimately their goal is to be the world’s first choice for online financial investments.

    Traders can get access to forex trading, as well as CFDs for stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, with more than 1,200 individual assets available.

    Regarding the trading platform, Kaarat has its own proprietary platform for trading, which is available as a desktop application, a mobile application, and as a web-based platform. The platform is said to be intuitive and easy to understand. It’s also offering powerful charting and analysis capabilities.

    The site navigation is clear and the trading platform is intuitive, giving traders access to what they need in a simple, yet powerful, package.

    One other benefit of the site design is the clear manner in which information is presented. This makes is easier to research the broker offerings and terms. It’s also quite transparent, and keeps everything about the trading experience and the broker in the open.

    So, read on to find more details regarding the trading opportunities and conditions available from Kaarat.


    Kaarat is owned and operated by Kaarat Ltd and is located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The company is registered with operating number 26155BC2021. However there is no regulation in that jurisdiction, so some traders might be put off by that. While the lack of regulation is a red flag to some traders, it is worth noting that many reputable brokers operate in jurisdictions where there is no regulatory presence.

    The lack of regulation might call for some additional caution when using the broker, however in many cases brokers are becoming quite good at regulating themselves. That’s because any wrong-doing is rapidly spread across the internet, which could shut a broker down. Thus it’s in the broker’s best interests to keep their operations clean and without any negative feedback.

    Account Types

    Like many of today’s brokers Kaarat follows the process of offering several different account tiers. In the case of Kaarat there are seven tiers, four of which are considered suitable for beginners/intermediate traders, and three of which are for experienced traders. Minimum deposits for these accounts begin at $250, which is accessible by most. That said, the top tier has a minimum deposit of $10 million, and is obviously only for the most well-heeled and experienced of traders.

    The account tiers are as follows:

    · Basic

    · Standard

    · Premium

    · Ultimate

    · Gold

    · Platinum

    · VIP

    The broker says it is committed to “making investments simple and manageable,” and this setup matches that philosophy.

    Available Assets

    Kaarat gives its clients access to all the asset classes you would expect from a modern online broker. All told there are more than 1,200 individual assets offered, which gives every trader plenty of options in the markets. Traders will find their favorite trading assets, and will also be able to suitably diversify their investments. These are the major asset classes available:

    · Forex, with all the major pairs, many minor pairs, and even some exotic pairs.

    · Shares, including most of the largest global companies such as Apple, Tesla, and JPMorgan.

    · Commodities, with metals, energies, and a wide selection of agricultural commodities.

    · Indices, including the S&P 500, Nasdaq, Nikkei 225, and Germany’s DAX.

    · Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others.

    Trading Platforms

    Rather than using the same syndicated platforms like nearly every other CFD broker, Kaarat has taken the time and effort to go a different route and release their own proprietary trading platform. This really matches with the spirit of innovation at the broker. The platform is available as a downloadable desktop application, as a mobile application, or as a browser-based web platform. No matter which form chosen, the trading platform is easy to understand, versatile, and features a high degree of modularity for customization.

    The platform itself is quite intuitive, and will be easy for new traders to learn. In addition, it won’t be a struggle for experienced traders, who might be more used to other platforms, to make the change to the platform released by Kaarat. In fact, once they get into the platform they are likely to really appreciate the level of customization available, as well as the features.

    No matter which version is used traders can enjoy all these features and more:

    · Flexible trading system

    · Professional technical analysis

    · Supports all types of trade orders

    · Four order execution modes

    · Reliable data protection

    · All types of trading operations

    · Full set of trade orders


    The Kaarat website doesn’t mention banking. We presume that all this information is included within the platform and is only accessible after creating an account.

    Customer Service

    Kaarat offers its multi-lingual customer service on a 24/5 basis, similar to what you’ll find at most other brokers. Customer service can be contacted via an online chat function, through email, or via telephone.

    Phone: +18009428236
    Email: support@kaarat.com

    In Conclusion

    Kaarat is looking to position itself as a modern broker, while targeting all levels of traders, from beginners to those with extensive experience and deep pockets. It seems to hit that mark in the design of its website, and in the proprietary platform being offered.

    Where Kaarat misses the mark is in its lack of regulation and banking information on its website. Those two things are likely to be concerning to a number of traders, who will pass on the broker based on these omissions.

    In terms of trading, clients will appreciate the broad range of available assets, and the decent trading conditions available from the broker. With a $250 minimum deposit it’s also easy to get started.

    Overall the broker is transparent and approachable, and those interested can easily open an account to begin testing the trading conditions at Kaarat.

    Full Breakdown Filters

    Full Breakdown

    Full Breakdown
    Minimum Deposit
    Currency Pairs
    Monthly Volume
    Execution Model
    Contract Sizes
    Additional Filters

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