• Minimum Deposit

    • 2000-5000
  • Leverage

    • 400:1

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Kowela is built by investors for investors and goes by the principle that there is always a better way to do investments. The broker, based in St Vincent and the Grenadines, is helping clients take control of their investment strategies, through a host of account types and features. Whether it is the trading platform, execution, resources, or service you can expect it to be exceptional when you are dealing with the professionals at Kowela.

"The core of our service is the team of professionals with a strong investing background and many years of experience. Our support team is always prepared to help clients and expand their investing opportunities."

The aim at Kowela is to support traders’ success in online markets by offering exceptional market conditions. This includes fast order execution, high security of funds, and quality technical support. Being transparent with clients enables a consistent and trustworthy execution environment on which investors can grasp their full trading perspective.

Quick Look

Kowela is fully aware of the varied needs and expectations of its clients, and that is one reason why they have seven different tiers of accounts to choose from. There is certainly something for everyone. And speaking of something for everyone we must mention the over 1,500 individual assets available from this broker. That is a lot of assets and will provide market opportunities every single trading session.

The broker has also gone to the trouble of creating a proprietary trading platform, also designed fully with client needs in mind. It gives access to markets and provides excellent trading execution.

Traders will also appreciate the wealth of education and research delivered by Kowela, not to mention the excellent support offered by their professional client support team.


Being based in St Vincent and the Grenadines puts Kowela under the jurisdiction of the St Vincent and Grenadines Financial Service Authority. While this is not a tier-1 regulator, it does provide the oversight to ensure that Kowela adheres to all KYC and AML directives. This ensures the safety of the broker, and helps to provide client trust. The company also maintains a very transparent policy with clients, increasing the trust level.

In addition, there are no negative reviews or reports in which bad behavior by the broker against its clients has been reported.

Plus as a positive to the offshore jurisdiction of Kowela, the broker is not required to adhere to MiFid requirements, which allows them to offer leverage up to 1:400, and trading and deposit bonuses.

On the other hand it also means there is no €20,000 insurance provided under the Investor Compensation Fund and clients are not protected by Negative balance Protection.

Account Types

Kowela follows a tiered system of accounts, with each successive tier requiring a larger account minimum, but also coming with additional features and benefits. These can include better spreads or fees, as well as additional types of research and educational materials. At the highest levels it includes private events and webinars.

Below you can see the seven tiers, the minimum deposit requirements, and the increasing features:

Kowela account


  • Minimum deposit $2,500
  • Multiple markets: Indices, Energies
  • In-depth investing tools for daily trading
  • Access to weekly signals
  • Competitive market pricing
  • Multiple execution orders
  • 24/5 Multi-language support


  • Minimum deposit $10,000
  • Advanced markets: Stocks, Energies
  • Fundamental trading materials
  • Access to multi-asset trading
  • Low market pricing


  • Minimum deposit $50,000
  • Advanced markets: Stocks, Currencies
  • Daily technical and main materials
  • Signals with comprehensive analysis
  • Complex charting and indicators
  • Multiple execution orders


  • Minimum deposit $100,000
  • Customized trading portfolio
  • Advanced global market instruments
  • Daily technical and primary materials
  • Live signals with analysis

Trader Pro

  • Minimum deposit $250,000
  • Islamic Accounts
  • Thousands of market products
  • Daily technical and main trading materials
  • Low and allotted market pricing


  • Minimum deposit $1,000,000
  • Customized investing materials
  • All-inclusive daily trading tools
  • Daily comprehensive analysis
  • Sophisticated investment resources
  • Advanced execution orders


  • Minimum deposit $10,000,000
  • Invitations to market events
  • Personalized market offers
  • Customized investing materials
  • Sophisticated investment resources
  • Advanced execution orders

Available Assets

Kowela offers an impressive collection of over 1,500 different individual assets, and more are being added all the time. These individual assets fall under the following asset classes:

This collection of assets is more than enough to offer something for every trader, during any market conditions.

Trading Platforms

We are sure that most brokers you have come across are offering MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 as their trading platform. Kowela has taken a different approach, building their own proprietary trading platform from the ground up. This has allowed them to create a modern platform that caters to the needs of their clients, rather than simply providing a cookie-cutter solution.

The platform is available for download as a desktop platform, but where it really shines is in its web-based version, or as a mobile app. These are the ways most modern traders are used to accessing markets, and so it just makes sense to build a platform that is designed to work best in a browser or on a mobile device.

The platform does not suffer from this either and it remains extremely powerful. You get free market data and news, level II pricing, 3 charts types with direct trading from the charts, 6 pending order types, 38 built-in indicators, and 37 graphical objects, all in an easy to use interface.


As you might expect, Kowela offers a number of convenient ways to make both deposits and withdrawals. It is worth noting that while all withdrawals are meant to be processed the same business day, the team will put a priority on the higher tier accounts first.

Deposit and withdrawal methods available are credit/debit cards, bank transfer, and a number of different e-wallets (availability is based on your jurisdiction).

Deposits are made from within the trading platform, and withdrawal requests are made there as well, which is extremely convenient in keeping everything in one central location.

Customer Service

Kowela offers the same hours and types of customer support you will find from most of the online forex and CFD brokers. That is, you can reach them via online chat, email, and telephone and they are available 24/5 or 24 hours a day Monday through Friday. They also offer multi-language support, which is quite good.

Phone: +1 800 861 5256

Email: customer.info@kowela.com

In Conclusion

Kowela is admittedly quite new, having been launched in 2021, but they are also very interested in helping their clients, which is something special among online forex and CFD brokers. Built for investors the broker has a proprietary trading platform that was developed specifically for the modern trader. They offer over 1,500 different individual assets, and have a number of account tiers to fit any type of trader.

While some traders will shy away from them because they are located in St Vincent and the Grenadines, they do have some oversight and comply fully with KYC and AML requirements.

Beginners might not feel comfortable with the fairly large $2,500 minimum deposit, but for any other trader we think giving Kowela a try is well worth it.

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Full Breakdown Filters

Full Breakdown

Full Breakdown
Minimum Deposit
Currency Pairs
Execution Model
Additional Filters

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