EtherRocks one of the latest crazes

The price of Ethereum continues its meteoric run to the upside as NFT purchases help spur on frantic buying.

To give an idea, EtherRocks are the latest craze with prices of those NFTS surging. According to the Twitter feed @etherrockprice, the price floor has reached 800 Ether or approximately $3,038,300 dollars. Apparently that is the minimum price for one of the EtherRocks. The high price reaches to 1027 Eth.

This is what $3M will get you.

EtherRocks one of the latest crazes

Great stuff.

For the price of Ethereum, it reached a day high price of $4380 back on May 12. Then tumbled down toward $1700 in May, June, and July before making the most recent run to the upside.

Since the July low, the price has surged 134% (over 45 trading days). The price high extended back above the $4000 level today to a high of $4025. I guess that would increase the minimum price for Rock ID 91 to $3,220,000 all things being equal ($4025 x 800 ETH).


If that was not impressive enough, another digital currency, Solana is doing even better.

Solana, which says it's a "fastest blockchain in the world and the fastest growing ecosystem in crypto with over 400 projects spanning DeFI, NFTs, WEeb3 and more", has seen its price move up from $22.11 on July 20 to a high price at $146.31 today. That's a gain of 561% over 45 days.

I just went to Solana website and although the blockchain is fast, it definitely slowed down my computer. It has a pretty slick video there though ; ).


NBA superstar Stephen Curry recently has been active in the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT after purchasing an NFT depicting and ape with blue fur wearing a plaid suit. He change his profile picture to the NFT on Twitter. He payed a reported $180,000 for the NFT. That's chump change or should I say "chimp change".

Steph Curry