FBS, a worldwide trading broker, has updated its Loyalty Program. In the endeavor to thank clients for their devotion, FBS enhanced the prizes' value. Thus, each Loyalty Program member can simply trade and be rewarded with even more luxurious prizes like the latest iPhone, Samsung phone, MacBook Air, new Mercedes, Rolex II, and more.

Be rewarded for being an FBS part

One of the strongest drivers of FBS is client satisfaction with broker's services and products. To meet this goal, FBS is not limited to constant products development but also rewards traders for their trust. An easy and favorable FBS Loyalty Program has been created to ensure the maximum advantage of trading.

To join this Loyalty Program, FBS traders have no need to do something special, just tap a button and trade. During trading, Loyalty members earn points and can exchange them for gifts. The list of prizes includes everything that each trader would like to have. And now, the reward became even more luxurious and greater.

Trade as usual. Get greater prizes

FBS keeps up with the progressive world and upgrades the prizes to provide clients with the most modern gadgets, services, and more. Plus, it is easy to become a Loyalty Program member.

Traders need to verify their Personal Area and click on the "Join" button. That's all – they become participants and get privileges for being a part of the Program! By the way, they can do it using a web or mobile version. Participants receive the Loyalty Status automatically, start to collect points for trading or clients' attraction and exchange points for real gifts.

Also, users can level up the Loyalty status to a higher one. The higher status opens the bigger prizes. Thus, the Loyalty members can get a personal manager, iMac 27", Mercedes S-Class, Rolex Yacht-Master II, or even the VIP event invitation.

Join exclusive traders' community

Millions of traders from all over the world have already joined the FBS Loyalty Program and enjoy their gifts. Regularly, Loyalty members share their happiness with FBS and leave feedback, showing fresh and fabulous prizes. One of them is Leandro S Eagle, the FBS partner. He sent a video with his appreciation:

"Guys, I am passing here to immensely thank FBS because look at what just arrived here: one more prize from FBS. I am very happy and grateful for this partnership, and you also can trade with FBS and get lots of prizes. Yes, this is right! You do not need to be a financial expert to start to trade with FBS and start getting prizes. I am really happy with FBS!! I Love You, FBS!"

So, everyone who chooses FBS can add privileges to their usual trading and get prizes. To become a partner of the FBS Loyalty Program is to trade absolutely the same as previously yet be rewarded for this.

More about FBS

FBS is an international broker with more than 150 countries of presence and over 18 million clients. The FBS's strong reputation and high-quality products are proved with over 60 awards. The company provides financial services for currencies, stocks, metals, energies, indices, and crypto trading. FBS is a licensed broker regulated by CySEC and IFSC. The Official Partner of FC Barcelona and the Official Principal Partner of Leicester City.