A major new listing is taking place on two of the world's biggest crypto trading platforms this week, with REVU set to launch on KuCoin and Gate.io.

Revuto is making some big claims about REVU's debut, saying it's notable as the first-ever Cardano-native asset to be listed for trading on the tier-1 centralized exchanges. The listing follows a period in which it reckons it has enjoyed "record growth" following the launch of the Revuto subscription management app four months ago.

The REVU token serves as both a utility coin and a governance token for Revuto, which is looking to leverage blockchain technology to solve the headaches of managing multiple subscriptions.

It's a valid use case, because in today's digital age an increasing number of people have signed up for multiple services - be it Netflix for streaming, Spotify for music, Dropbox for managing files or Microsoft Office to get their remote work done.

The issue for many people though is not so much the subscriptions they intend to keep using, but rather those they'd like to cancel. Service providers don't make it easy to exit their subscription plans and so canceling one can become a major chore.

As a result, people often put it off until later, only to forget about it. Then, without warning, the next month's payment comes around and the money is immediately deducted from their account.

With Revuto people will no longer fall into that trap, as it allows users to subscribe or unsubscribe to any service with a single click. That alone is worth its weight in gold but there's more to it, as Revuto also provides discounts to users who choose to pay their subscription fees with REVU.

Each payment needs authorization too, so even if a subscription still somehow gets forgotten about, there's no way the user will be charged for it. Simply click "block" when the reminder comes and that particular service will be consigned to the scrapheap, until such time as the user wants to access it again, which can also be done with a single click.

Revuto adds more value through its DeFi capabilities too, enabling micro-lending and borrowing, staking, liquidity provisions and more.

What's clear is that Revuto has a huge target market, with millions of people all over the world trying to juggle a growing number of subscriptions they've signed up for. So its claims of record growth in the last four months can't be discounted.

It means REVU is a token with genuine utility and that should make it an enticing prospect for investors as it readies itself to launch on KuCoin and Gate.io this week. The listings will make an extremely useful coin far more accessible than it has been up until now, and it'll be interesting to see what kind of reception it gets from investors.

The REVU token will begin trading on KuCoin and Gate.io on January 7.