First-time homebuyers may feel overwhelmed by pretty high home prices and the highly competitive real estate market. Still, that is enough reason to give up immediately on your search for a decent house.

There are several things that you can do differently to acquire your new home. With patience, determination, and wit, you may be able to bring yourself to the closing table.

To further help you out, here are four pieces of advice that can aid you in your pursuit of buying a new house.

Make the Smart Choice

Timing is vital in the housing market, and finding the right real estate agent can help you avoid missing out on possible home options when they appear.

In looking for the right agent, you would need someone, who is well-informed about the area, has been in the business for quite some time, and is an expert negotiator. They should also be taking note of your search to help you find more potential homes.

Working with a real estate agent who is already familiar with the area can be helpful as they could have connections with other agents, which may allow you to know about a house before it even comes up on the multiple listing service (MLS). As mentioned above, timing is vital in the housing market.

Don’t Settle for Something You Don’t Want

While changing your main home requirements that can be achieved within your budget is tempting, you need to be patient.

Your search may show the same homes you already looked at, but that is not enough reason to start thinking about whether you’re okay with having that extra bathroom or pool.

When you settle for features that you don’t need or want for your house, your stay in that new place could be short-lived, and you may end up selling the property again.

Stick to the Path

After making your latest offer, the fear of missing out (FOMO) can quickly get you. However, overbidding so that you can acquire the house you want could cost you significantly in the long run.

If you paid more than what you can afford, you may find yourself unable to enjoy some downtime in your new home as much as you would like due to a lack of sufficient money.

Therefore, it’s important to stick with your price. That way, you can fully savor the good things that could happen in your new home. It would also help to check houses under your actual budget, so you have the opportunity to pay above the asking price without risking too much of your finances.

Make an Offer with an Impact

This is not all about your offer price. For example, the seller may need to close the deal immediately or had other offers fail. Perhaps including conventional financing or a no contingencies clause that could help close the deal quickly would give the seller some encouragement.

Establishing a genuine connection with your seller may also help. For instance, you can provide them with a personal note with your family picture attached to it.

That would let them know that you’re not buying the house just to demolish it, or you’re just someone who is looking to move closer to their parents or relatives.