Many traders fully or partially entrust their work to expert advisors. The Internet is full of either type of helpers, and yet there are not many good ones, and they are, clearly, not free. Lastly, no one guarantees that even if you pay a fortune for a cool expert advisor you will get what you need. Anyway, choosing an expert advisor is a separate topic.

Let us imagine you have a reliable expert advisor set up correctly for your financial instrument. Still, for the work of the programme you will need:

  • PC
  • Constant Internet access
  • Uninterrupted power supply

What a VPS is necessary for?

We are all humans, and we are different. Not each of us has a separate PC; kids may do so many tricks with the hardware that even a servicing centre will be of no help. Or your mom may switch off your PC, or your dog may unplug it - all of this will influence the work of your expert advisor.

Not every one has uninterrupted high-speed Internet access. Many expert advisors work solely at night, which means you PC will be on round-the-clock, and this is exactly what most people avoid because they try to keep their electricity bills small. So when to use the expert advisor?

For all of these cases, smart people have invented Virtual Private Servers (VPS). A VPS gives its owner access to a remote PC, where they may add any files and apps.

As for trading, you can upload MT4 to your VPS, add the expert advisor to a necessary chart, and go do other things. In other words, a VPS works as a separate "physical" PC with certain technical characteristics that exists somewhere far away and that only you have access to.

Mind that after you have installed an expert advisor on a VPS, you will not need constant Internet access, a constantly switched on PC, or uninterrupted power supply. You may easily switch off you PC, while the expert advisor will go on trading.

VPS have just started being used in trading. Servers are provided by both specialised companies that have no connection with trading and Forex brokers. Unfortunately, not all of brokers can boast such a service because initially VPSs were meant for website owners. As a rule, a VPS is paid for monthly (like communal bills), but certain brokers have free VPS access. Ask your broker for details.

VPS by RoboForex

One of the first brokers to provide their clients with VPS services was RoboForex. The company offers round-the-clock access to a VPS from any place of the world.

So, to get a VPS for free, you will need to comply with certain rules:

  • Minimal Equity of 300 USD
  • You will get an individual administrator password, after which everything you do on the VPS will be your responsibility
  • The company provides access to their own VPSs only. However, you still have the right to upload any software there
  • In case you do not comply with the first condition for at least 3 days, the company has the right to switch off your VPS
  • If you agree with all the conditions, you may leave an application in your PMA, after which you will get an IP, login, and password of your VPS

Minimal hardware requirements:

  • 1 Core CPU
  • 30 Gb of disk space
  • 1 Gb of RAM
  • Windows Server 2019 OS

These characteristics will be enough for full-scale work with MetaTrader. For more details, go to RoboForex website.

Sponsored VPS for MT5

Also, RoboForex may also provide you with a VPS on MT5 with no charge. This promotion will be on until 31 December 2022 and allows traders with Equity from 500 USD on your MT5 account to get a VPS on the company's expense.


VPS provide traders with 24/7 access to financial markets, where they can use expert advisors that will be working even when the PC is off. This is a total must have for everyone who practices algorithmic trading, and, more importantly, you may get it for free if you fulfill certain requirements.