The multinational payment technology company, which is committed to innovation as a tool for growth in Latin American markets, is ready to start its corporate tour including multiple international events in which it will participate, as it seeks out new opportunities and avenues for innovation and technology development to foster the growth of international merchants in Latin America.

This endeavour aligns with the company’s mission to continue strengthening its local operations and its portfolio of payment solutions for the benefit of all industries seeking to expand in the region.

PayRetailers begins the year experiencing a high level of leadership within the payments and financial services industry in Latin America, as a result of strong local performance in 2022.

For this new year - in line with its commitment to innovation and constant expansion – PayRetailers ramps up its efforts to integrate efficient solutions with state-of-the-art technology and in the fastest time, to launch new financial products that support local strategies in all of the more than 12 Latin American markets where they operate.

In the same vein, the Spanish PayTech also aims to expand its networking circle by adding high-value connections, which will bring added value to its business and that of PayRetailers’ merchants.

Making its first appearances of the year at prestigious events within the Fintech space, such as ICE London, White Label World Expo and Money 20/20 Europe, PayRetailers preserves its industry-leading position in Europe and worldwide.

Starting with the Gaming industry's most far-reaching gathering: ICE London 2023 - February 7-9 - PayRetailers will be at booth N8-450.The event creates a window of opportunity for industry pioneers to connect with PayRetailers’ team of experts and integrate the most cost-effective payment solution designed for Latin American market players.

Emerging as the fastest growing market, Latin America provides a plethora of growth opportunities especially in the digital and gaming sectors, making it a place to be for online gaming market leaders, who continue to raise the bar for the industry through innovative product offering and innovative payment processing options, which PayRetailers is well-known for.

The congruency across the selection of events where PayRetailers will be present is that they all provide key venues to learn about the latest innovations, technology solutions, trends and regulatory updates that establish complex - but vast opportunities - markets such as Latin America.

The payment processor has several local payment solutions and expertise to adopt the right mix, in line with the business objectives and opportunities of each market. Capitalising on the payment leader’s knowledge of the Latin American market, international merchants gain the agility they need to replicate their success in the region and the distinct ability to offer a holistic payment experience, with high standards of security, fraud prevention, intelligent payment routing, PCI/DSS compliance and tokenization.

Leaving ICE and the UK’s cosmopolitan capital, between February 28 and March 1, PayRetailers will be at the White Label World Expo 2023, the exhibition that brings together e-commerce professionals, merchants, buyers and financial technology experts under one roof.

As an expert in facilitating the purchasing process by leveraging a simple, fast, secure and easy-to-use online payment solution, PayRetailers will provide global retailers looking to take advantage of the endless opportunities offered by the large, mature markets across Latin America with invaluable advice and institutional-grade solutions to take their business to the next level.

Also, from June 6 to June 8, PayRetailers' team of experts will head to Amsterdam to participate in a new edition of Money 20/20 Europe, where it is committed to continue encouraging international businesses to expand across borders and do business in the emerging LATAM markets spearheading financial inclusion in the region.

To embark on this journey successfully, the firm equips merchants not only with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in South America, but also offers them the much-coveted backing of a European payment technology partner with a first-hand understanding of one of most discerning markets for digital industry.

The company's know-how is characterised by a detailed understanding of consumer behaviours specific to the region's markets, as well as the unique regulations in place in each country.

Aware of the challenges of business expansion in Latin America, PayRetailers provides support across all the key touchpoints of the customer journey and processes so that international merchants can operate on the continent without the need to build a local physical entity, providing them with the tools and services necessary to scale effectively in each market.

As it continues to provide initiatives and cutting-edge technology solutions that boost the digital sector’s potential, PayRetailers improves the bottom line for businesses and consumers in LATAM and globally while creating a robust, technology-enabled environment for local economic communities to thrive and participate in the Fintech-driven economy.

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