It seems amazing that no new CFDs have been launched for over 10 years, which is why AllStars Trader (AST) football player CFDs are creating so much interest.

AST has ended the ‘product’ drought by launching 4,000 individual player CFDs, classed as alternative assets, which are based on billions of unique data points analysed in real-time.The exciting new CFDs can be traded alongside traditional financial products such as FX pairs, commodities , indices, and cryptocurrencies.


AllStars football sports stocks are based on Adrix data.Adrix uses a sophisticated pricing engine to analyse the performance of the players, which is then constructed as individual player indices and delivered as CFDs.

Each player CFD is based on historical performance, in match statistics, transfer value and trading interest, and then benchmarked against their peer group to give a true measure of success.Even before they were launched billions of data points were analysed to create a dynamic and tradable price.

For example:

Cristiano Ronaldo (available today on our trading platform at $37.64* per share) is benchmarked against Romelu Lukaku ($23.26), David DeGea ($5.89) is benchmarked against Alisson ($14.40), and Reece James ($27.08) is benchmarked against Trent Alexander-Arnold ($52.52).

Transparent Methodology

People derived alt-assets have been made possible by advances in online data analytics , which can interrogate a person’s digital footprint.However, all traders need to be certain about the price production and discovery for the assets they are investing in.The Adrix indices are constructed using independently audited algorithms and a transparent methodology.They are volatile, dynamic and for millions of traders very accessible.

Raheem or Pound Sterling?

AllStars Trader CFDs are recognised financial products and are designed to be traded alongside traditional CFDs.They are uncorrelated to main markets and can quickly diversify portfolios.However, the great advantage they have is that most people know more about their favourite team than more obscure assets.Football fans now have the opportunity to use their trading skills to support players or their team.There is no need to opt for a win or lose bet on the next match.

Which footballers can you trade?

At AST we cover:

  • Premier League
  • LaLiga
  • Bundesliga
  • Ligue 1
  • Serie A
  • FA Cup (From the 4th round)
  • FIFA World Cup
  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League

You can trade all 4,000 footballers on the AST web platform at or by downloading our native app from the Google Playstore (Android users).A smaller selection of 500 top players can also be accessed from several leading brokers via the MT5 platform.

How do you trade footballers?

Buying and selling players is no different to trading other assets like currencies or commodities.The main difference is we provide a match centre that gives the in-match stats for individual players in addition to the normal price charts and trackers.Traders use this information to guide their player picks, even if it means shorting rather than going long on their favourites.

In-match out of match?

Traders tend to follow their players in matches as the price is more dynamic.It is important to remember that the players are individual indices benchmarked against their peer group.So , for example, if Ronaldo scores a goal against a bottom of the table side his price may go down if Salah scores two goals in a competitive derby match.All performance is relative to the peer group.

Trade alt-assets now!

AST alt-assets are the first new CFDs for over ten years, providing new trading products for a new generation of traders.

If you want to hear more about our Adrix pricing and AllStars Indices, have a look at our blog our video educational material.