Considering its accessibility and the smooth investing experience it offers, the social trading sector has witnessed an exponential rise in the past decade and a half. According to a recent report by market research platform, “Social Trading Platform Market Forecast to 2028 - COVID Impact and Global Analysis By Platform, End User and Asset Class”, the social trading market is expected to hit $3,774.17 million by 2028.

In this context, the number of brokers and fintech firms offering social trading solutions has also increased over the years, with social trading platforms such as ZuluTrade ushering in a new era for investing.

A leader in this field, ZuluTrade entered the financial space in 2007, with a pioneering goal in mind - “to make trading accessible and easy for everyone”. Sixteen years down the line, the company has undergone numerous transformations, developing into the powerful social wealth management platform that it is today.

Wealth management with a difference

So, what sets ZuluTrade apart from similar players? Apart from the ease of use and transparency, the tech-driven financial firm takes pride in introducing the concept of social wealth management to the trading space.

“Social investing with a focus on safeguarding wealth is not new. However, we are the first who thought about it in terms of building and preserving wealth. By offering traders the tools, resources and knowledge to develop long-term strategies, ZuluTrade takes social investing to a completely new level,” said Tajinder Virk, CEO and Co-founder of Finvasia Group and ZuluTrade CEO.

In December 2021, ZuluTrade became part of Finvasia Group, a financial conglomerate including other popular financial and fintech brands, such as Fxview, AAAFx, CapitalWallet and ActTrader, starting a new chapter under the helm of Tajinder Virk.

Shifting focus to wealth management, the company decided to explore more opportunities in the portfolio management sector, according to the EU portfolio management licence it received in 2015. Existing features were upgraded and new functionalities were added to “respond to traders’ increasingly sophisticated demands.

In addition to this, ZuluTrade is also licensed by the Mauritius regulator, the Financial Services Commission to provide wealth management services. This is what distinguishes us from our competitors, empowering us to innovate more in this direction,” Mr Virk explained.

However, the key to ZuluTrade’s success is innovation. Placing investors first, ZuluTrade has developed a powerful broker-agnostic platform that allows traders and investors to invest on ZuluTrade, regardless of the broker they have an account with. Integrating solutions such as MT4, MT5, XOH, and ActTrader, the social wealth management firm enters a new dimension of technology enablement.

Essentially, the platform has an ambivalent role: 1. to empower brokers to diversify their offerings and increase trading volumes, and 2. to enable traders to derive more benefits from their activity by copying the strategies or winning positions of professionals, regardless of the platform they use.

This unique ability that ZuluTrade has demonstrated over the years also earned it a leading position in the industry. Crowned the “Best Social Wealth Management Platform”at Forex Expo Dubai and “Best Social Trading Solution” at Ultimate Fintech Awards in Cyprus in 2022, and the “Best Social Trading Solution - MEA” at the UF AWARDS MEA 2023 in Dubai, the innovative fintech continues to empower novice and experienced traders alike.

Moving with the social wealth management tide

One of the remarkable innovations that ZuluTrade brought to its infrastructure is the Social Feed. Resembling the social media feed, the social trading platform’s feed encourages investors to share their trade ideas, exchange knowledge and news regarding their preferred asset classes.

Similarly, professional traders can share their performance with the community and explain certain market moves affecting the evolution of their strategy.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. ZuluTrade is powered by a wealth of other cutting-edge tools that put investors in control of their capital, such as ZuluGuard.

Risk management is one of the main aspects of investing. Although social trading provides a certain flexibility in that it does not require in-depth market research before copying another trader’s positions, it still involves a certain degree of risk.

This is where ZuluGuard comes into play. Scanning the activity of all Traders in real time, the ZuluGuard algorithm removes any strategies that have deviated from their standard risk profile.

Although technology innovation is at the heart of ZuluTrade’s operations, it is not the only element contributing to its popularity. Education is the added benefit that the social wealth management and social trading platform offers.

Placing an emphasis on financial literacy, ZuluTrade stands out among similar financial service providers with its rich resource library consisting of tutorials, market news, blog, knowledge base and more.

By giving traders and investors access to this rich array of tools and resources, ZuluTrade puts them in control of their wealth in a secure and transparent environment where the community takes centre stage. The era of social wealth management is here.

To find out more about ZuluTrade, visit the website.