Good bids at 1.5800 as per my orderboard and, let’s face it, a level not too far of the target price into 1.5700 so it makes sense that some shorts have taken a bit of money off the table ahead of the NFPs.

EURGBP held the 0.7840 resistance/offers give or take a pip and that’s also helped put a bid under cable along with a general sell tone in the greenback to bring us to 1.5831 and 0.7832

EURUSD is holding above 1.2400, albeit not racing away and AUDUSD is above 0.8600 but likewise still finding the air a bit thin

USDJPY is meandering around 115.12 near the session lows while USDCHF is drifting back toward 0.9700 bids and USDCAD is having the morning off for the most part so far.

Expected caution ahead of NFPs and a trip to the pub comes highly recommended in the meantime.

Carney just stepping to the rostrum but the speeches so far have been oh so boring.

Carney at the BOF

Carney at the BOF – too big to fail?