Now back to 0.8660 from 0.8634 lows as cable retreats from the highs

You will know from previous posts that Ryan and I were both selling around 0.8700 so the MPC/jobs move was most welcome

I squared final balances 0.8655 on the way down and will look again. My view is more short term than Mr Littlestone so I know he’ll be keeping some of his for the longer haul.

For me the 0.8600-10 area still remains an attractive buy should we get down there and I will continue to sell rallies ahead of 0.8700 with stops above 0.8725, assuming same scenario/conditions remain.

Not a lot of point in getting caught up inbetween, and especially not here at 0.8655, but I’d suggest we could be trading 30-80 on the inside for the next period

eurgbp 17 july