It's been playing on the back foot since the earlier euro tumble but it's not going down without a fight

Initial support/bids into 0.7385 gave way to post lows of 0.7374 but the failure of cable to hold its gains above 1.5500 has seen some demand return to post 0.7383

Strong bids at 0.7350 and more at 0.7335 with offers now into 0.7400 with more/res at 0.7425 and into 0.7450

Once again the two pairs are impacting on each other and it may well be the euro sentiment this afternoon that remains key as we get US CPI data and Empire State/Philly Fed mftg indices

Currently 0.7383 and 1.5483

I'm off out now to a meeting so I'll wish you all good trading.