A combination of GBP on the back foot and stronger ZEW has seen EURGBP break up through 0.8000 again this morning after once more holding above 0.7950, only to run into a combination of offers and 16-month channel top at 0.8013.

More tech resistance and offers into 0.8050 with support around 0.7975-80 ahead of the strong demand into 0.7950

Currently back down to 0.7988 with EURUSD also turning back down after 1.2541 highs and yes EURJPY driving both with 146.71 capping ahead of 146.80 barrier and falling back to 146.01

See? It’s all interwoven despite this market being the most fickle of all of them. Or,indeed, maybe because of it.

I’ll stick a trading ideas thread up now that we’ve had the morning’s highlights

EURGBP Daily Nov 18

EURGBP Daily Nov 18