A look at what is on the board for today


Not much to take note of for the day besides one for USD/JPY, as highlighted in bold.

Even then, with price action in the pair more subdued and largely dictated by bond yields, it might not offer much interest. The 100-day moving average in the pair at 109.65 is also playing a role in limiting any upside technically, so there's that.

The big ones for AUD/USD is a bit too far from spot levels to offer much significance.

In any case, watch out for a series of large expiries in EUR/USD tomorrow from ~1.1700 through to 1.1800-10 levels, so that is likely to keep price action more cagey.

The pair is sitting on the edge right now, keeping a defense of 1.1700 so perhaps the larger expiries tomorrow may help to see price action be more sticky - at least for now.

Of note, there's also a large one for AUD/USD at 0.7250, which may act as more of a brief magnet after having seen the pair fall to the lows for the year yesterday and keeping in a more vulnerable spot as highlighted earlier here.

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