Here's the larger option expiries today for the 10.00 EST cut 12 April

Further to Eamonn's earlier post here's the update:

  • EURUSD: 1.2200 (EUR 1.7bln) 1.2230 (1.2bln) 1.2300-10 (1.55bln)1.2320-40 (1.5bln) 1.2350-60 (1.5bln) 1.2490-00 (1.6bln)
  • USDJPY: 106.50 (USD 800m) 107.00 (USD 1.2bln) 107.20 (580m) 107.50 (600m)
  • GBPUSD: 1.4050 (GBP 930m) 1.4200 (200m)
  • AUDUSD: 0.7740-50 (AUD 600m) 0.7800 (580m) 0.7860-80 (1.1bln)
  • NZDUSD: 0.7300 (NZD 280m) 0.7420 (390m)

EURUSD notable again. USDJPY interest keeping pair contained. AUDUSD interest helping tight range. NZD being capped.

Remember these are vanilla options and in play right up until expiry even if breached in the meantime unlike barrier options which cease to be once broken.
Barrier options still live:

  • EURUSD 1.2600
  • USDJPY 104.00

For more info on how to use this all data, please refer to my post here