- 1.0900-10 (€1.0bn)
- 1.0975 (€600m)
- 1.1000 (€1.0bn)
- 1.1040 (€1.0bn)
- 1.1125 (€878m)

- 133.00 ($786m)
- 133.20-35 ($1.1bn)
- 134.00 ($618m)
- 135.00 ($1.4bn)

- 1.2425-40 (£671m)

- 0.8900 ($400m)
- 0.9000 ($684m)

- 1.3565-75 ($921m)

There is just one to take note of, as highlighted in bold.

That being a decent sized one for EUR/USD at 1.1040. However, after the massive set of expiries on the list yesterday, I would argue that the pair is now rather unbound and can act in a more free manner. You can think of it as the shackles being cut loose on price action for the pair, if you will.

As such, trading sentiment now is going to rely more on the risk mood and technicals once again.

For more information on how to use this data, you may refer to this post here.