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Video: Why central banks keep getting it wrong

Why central banks got it wrong last year Central banks wildly overestimated the landscape in the global economy and markets. They can't raise rates because consumers and businesses can't survive in the world that central banks want to live in and they don't understand how market psychology trumps their models. Want to know when we've got a new video out? Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel . ForexLive

Video: Trump and Soros share the same secret behind their wealth

Trump and Soros' secret to riches There is power in truth but there might be more power in what isn't real. George Soros and Donald Trump both found a way to exploit the same thing and it has critical implications for what's coming next in the foreign exchange market. Want to know when we've got a new video out? Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel. ForexLive

How do you think about turning your forex trading failures into successes?

How you react can make a big difference Each forex trade is an experiment that can lead to a failure/loss.  Many new traders are not used to failing as many times as will happen in trading forex. That's tough to take for many. How traders think about trading failures can make a difference in the longer term success or failure. Turning failures into successes is key.  How do you think about your trading failure? Weekend homework PS  If you haven't seen Adam's interview on BNN Bloomberg this week - "Why the old forex playbook doesn't work" -, you don't want to miss it.   PSS.  My last video..."Lessons for traders courtesy of Amazon's Jeff Bezos"  Have a great weekend! ForexLive

Lessons for traders courtesy of Amazon's Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world.  Can his lessons for business, work for you in your trading? On September 19th, 2018, Jeff Bezos gave a somewhat rare interview at the Air Force Association Air and Space Conference.  Although his comments were from his experience from running Amazon and his space company Blue Origin, they had a lot of relevance to running a trading business as well.    In this video, I use pieces of the Bezos interview to parallel my innovative, experimental with flawed trading career path, that nevertheless led to a level of expertise and success. That success, only came after stepping back and viewing trading with a fresh, beginners vision.   Trading mentors, don't all come from the trading community. I hope that this video, opens your eyes to the lessons from the outside, and it starts to give you a new vision for what you need to do to be successful.   If you like this video, be sure to give it a thumbs up on YouTube. If you did not like it, you are free to give a thumbs down as well.   Your comments are also welcome.    For Jeff Bezos full interview at the Air Force Association Air and Space Conference CLICK HERE ForexLive

It's all about anticipation ...

How focused are you on anticipating your forex trades? In many things in life, you can often find ways to anticipate what might happen next. In essence, you see the future.  Athletes do it all the time. The best athletes anticipate what will happen next. Animators - who bring cartoons to life - also use cues that allow the viewer to anticipate what will happen next.  Think of any profession, and the best are anticipating.  Trading is no exception.  If you want to become a better trader, maybe it is time to focus on anticipating what might happen next and take advantage of the nuances of the markets price action and technical tools. Your comments and feedback is important (even thumbs up or thumbs down).   ForexLive

What do soccer, basketball and forex trading have in common?

Why "set pieces" of course.... What does England soccer, NBA basketball and Forex trading have in common?  Set pieces.  England's manager Gareth Southgate came to the US to see how NBA teams create space on the congested basketball court. The goal was to see if what they do, could translate to the soccer pitch.  That idea got me thinking about "set pieces" in our forex trading.   HMMMMMMMM. If you like this video - or don't like it - let me know via a Thumbs up or Thumbs down. Also, if you want to subscribe to our email list, click on the button below.  Finally subscribe to our YouTube channel.Get more ForexLive education

Forex trading education Video: Look for the easy shot in your trading

They are there nearly everyday, so look for them... Each and every day, there tends to be some easy shots that you as a trader can look to take advantage of.  Admittedly, some shots don't work. You shoot and you miss.  However, if you shoot where the risk is limited, you lose a little and the reward can be great.   This video talks a little about finding the easy shot. If you like the video, be sure to give it a thumbs up and share it. If you don't like it, you are free to give a thumbs down. Good fortune with your trading

Video: From good to great in fishing or forex trading

Does it take time, or talent (or neither)? I took a week off in Northern Canada and that gave me some time to think about how to get better at trading and fishing. Whether it's catching fish or pips, the principles of getting better are similar. It's not just about putting in the time but how you structure that time and stay focused on getting better.

Trade like a pilot with this one simple technique

In this video I talk about a trading taboo Affordable, safe commercial aviation might be humanity's most impressive achievement. We discovered flight just over a 100 years ago. One in 11 million people die in a plane crash. One in 5000 die in a traffic accident. You're 10 times more likely to be hit by lightning than in a commercial airplane.There's one simple thing you can do in your trading to be more like a pilot and it will help you fly higher. Sign up for our education newsletter to get videos like this one in your inbox.

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