Preview of the Bank of Japan monetary policy meeting result.

The Bank of Japan concludes their two-day monetary policy meeting today, with an announcement of their decision.

I'm often asked ... What time is the Bank of Japan (BOJ) announcement due today?

  • And .... the answer is .... there is no scheduled time for the conclusion of the meeting and subsequent monetary policy statement
  • On past experience I'll be looking for it some time between 0230 to 0330GMT, but I'll be ready for it outside that window.
  • Note, the more there is to discuss and debate, the longer the meeting tends to go
  • I reckon the BOJ is getting closer to admitting that they are going to have to do more. In my preview last month I said that every meeting is now 'live'. Will it be today? Indications are it won't be, but there will be plenty of discussion and debate, and if 0330GMT passes without an announcement I expect the yen to weaken as speculation mounts that there may be some action.
  • Following on from the announcement Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda will give a press conference. This does have a scheduled time ... 0630GMT

Late last week and over the weekend ForexLive posted some brief pieces with more on today's decision. Like I said, they are brief pieces, so if you've got a few moments and want more on whats coming from the BOJ, check them out: