Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda comments over the weekend on monetary policy and also the tragic earthquakes in Japan; along with Japan finance minister Aso.

  • Kuroda: Too early to grasp impact of Kumamoto earthquake on economy
  • Aso: Today's G20 communique reiterated importance of forex stability in light of recent forex market developments
  • Kuroda says watching market moves, including forex, carefully
  • Aso - no comment on if Tokyo ready to intervene in currency market
  • Aso - taking appropriate action vs excess volatility, disorderly forex moves is in line with G20 agreement
  • Kuroda: BOPJ won't hesitate take additional easing steps if FX moves affect economy, prices and threaten achievement of price target
  • Aso - looking at today's market moves, agree with US treasury sec Lew that forex moves aren't too rapid
  • Kuroda: monetary policy doesn't directly target forex but forex moves affect economy, prices so watching impact carefully
  • Kuroda: G20 communique not a constraint to monetary policy steps, including negative interest rates