Four points of interest in an otherwise quiet data day.

  • 17.15 gmt sees Mark Carnet speaking at the economics club in New York, after he’s done some last minute Christmas shopping
  • 17.50 we have the Fed’s Jeffrey Lacker at the Charlotte chamber economic luncheon and will be participating in a panel discussion
  • 18.05 James Bullard will be waxing lyrical about the economy and monetary policy in his home town of St Louis. He’s the one Fed member I would like to have a beer with but he can go on a bit. You could probably have 3 or 4 and a few games of pool but then make an excuse that you have to get home to let the cat out or something.
  • Finally we have Dallas Fed’s Richard Fisher at 19.15 in snowy Chicago speaking on banking trends

Set your clocks folks.

Update: I’ve missed one. At 23.30gmt Fisher will then be speaking about the economy and mon pol at another meeting in Chicago. Busy bunny is old Richard. Hope he can get around in all that snow. Wouldn’t have a cat in hells chance over here in Old Blighty


And just to add, we should keep an ear out on whether we get any more chatter on the Fed potentially looking at defining a QE amount or roadmap for ongoing purchases. As I’ve mentioned in the comments the more who speak about it the closer it may come to fruition.