• Doesn’t see deflation in Europe
  • Situation different from Japan
  • Well aware of downside risks low inflation poses
  • Ready to act, have plenty of instruments
  • Inflation well anchored, will stay low for protracted period
  • ECB cannot supplement banks if they lack capital
  • We are in middle of modest gradual recovery
  • ECB should speak up against threat to independence
  • If and when we do another LTRO would have to be geared to increasing probablility that funding goes to real economy
  • Will have to think deeply to find right instrument
  • Fully aware that SME’s are struggling
  • Risk weights for sovereign debt not a task for now, should be agreed globally
  • In stress tests sovereign debt will be assessed like any other item on balance sheet
  • Must make sure resolution mechanism actually works

Mario speaking in Strasbourg

No real difference from the ECB presser last week but the euro is taking a dip to 1.3764