The BoE meet Thursday 1 August 2018 with the announcement coming at 1100GMT

  • August Monetary Policy Committee decision
  • Vote split announcement
  • MPC meeting minutes published

Press conference with Governor Carney follows at 1130 GMT

Earlier preview here:

3 quick previews (bolding mine)


  • We expect the Bank of England to hike Bank Rate by 25bps on the back of a decent economic rebound in 18Q2. The economy is at-trend and the labour market is tight. But there are warning signs on the horizon, and the MPC would be wise to hike while it can. Brexit will inject volatility into markets and the economy later this year, keeping the BoE on pause until May-19.


  • We believe that the MPC will raise policy rates by 25bp ... in line with recent policy statements and broadly consistent with resilient albeit unimpressive data . We expect a 8-1 split vote in favour of a policy rate hike, but a unanimous vote on Asset purchase programme.

BNP Paribas:

  • The Bank of England's likely hike on 2 August would take its policy rate to its highest level in nine years, with new long-term expectations hinting at the scale of the tightening ahead. We expect some divisions over the need to raise rates to result in a split vote. Brexit uncertainty and a tight fiscal situation are likely to keep policy tightening modest and slow.


And, ICYMI, the FOMC meet today: