ECB's Mersch says any change in monetary policy always a shock to the economy

Author: Mike Paterson | Category: Central Banks

ECB exec board member in newspaper interview 14 March

  • always a shock be it neg or pos
  • the bigger the imbalances, the less the economy is prepared for a monetary policy change
  • loose mon pol, loose fiscal pol ,lax supervision asking for trouble
  • We set interest rates for the euro area as a whole. We are not yet ready at this stage to change interest rates.
  • we're confident with the path which is leading to our objective.
  • primary objective is price stability, which we have defined as an inflation rate of below, but close to, 2% in the medium term.
Nothing new on first sight. We know the ECB not considering rate hikes any time soon

Full interview here

EURUSD currently dipping a little after failing around 1.2400 again

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