A summary of recent opinions at the Fed by the Wall St Journal

The headline seems to suggest that this is a fresh headline but when viewing the article, it appears to be more of a collective summary of what Fed policymakers have been advocating for over the past few weeks. Some recent quotes highlighted:

Fed's Powell

"Still a ways away from considering raising interest rates. It's not something that is on our radar screen right now."

Fed's Evans

"I do expect we are going to be at the point where we've seen substantial further progress... probably later this year. If others had more confidence that inflation was going to be higher on a sustainable basis, then that... quicker tapering could be the right path."

Fed's Rosengren

"That would set up some time this fall a possible tapering that is dependent on the Delta variant and other variants not slowing down the labor market substantially. If strong economic growth continues, we're done with the tapering program... towards the middle of next year."

Fed's Daly

"The economy should support beginning to taper later this year, or maybe next."

Fed's Kaplan

"That strikes me as the most prudent course: start soon, and go gradually, and for me, gradually means eight months."

The full article can be found here (may be gated).