Feds Kaplan, Daly, Bostic and Barkin talking technology and implications

Author: Greg Michalowski | Category: Central Banks

4 Fed members speaking on a panel in Dallas

Fed's Kaplan, Daly, Bostic and Barkin are all in Dallas talking on a panel discussing technology – enable disruption and the implications for business, labor markets and monetary policy.

Below are some of the comments:

Kaplan (non-voter in 2019:
  • He is more concerned about businesses than consumers being front end of the next economic slowdown
  • China could depreciate yuan if trade dispute drags on
  • It seemed on a recent visit that China is girding itself for trade tensions to go on for some time
  • The Fed needs to watch excesses, imbalances that could make a future downturn worse
  • Hears that businesses are holding back investment because of the uncertainty
  • does not see much impact from trade dispute if it's short
  • inflation hasn't come up to target in a sustainable way
  • technology benefits broader in a better skilled workforce
  • business outlook clouded by trade, global uncertainty
  • once trade tensions are resolved, businesses will find a way to leverage their assets
  • Fed would use whatever tools are required to combat any future recession
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