Speaking to CNBC

  • Says we should admit that monetary policy cannot boost growth back to former levels

  • He's asking why the world has low rates and inflation

  • Demographics is driving the low inflation environment and is not something mon pol can fix

  • Urges all parts of the government to do more to boost growth

Subs-bench voter from the Minneapolis Fed and another one having a dig governments needing to do more.

I mentioned earlier that the market was chewing over feelings and chatter about central banks perhaps maybe pushing back from the easing fix and he's summed that up in the second comment.

USDJPY had dropped to a new low at 101.72 before Lockhart and it's bounced back a touch to 101.98, with 102.00 now resisting.

Kashkari goes on to talk policy;

  • He wants to see more movement in core inflation

  • Won't speculate on next FOMC meeting

  • Doesn't see a huge urgency to do anything

  • Still has moderate US growth in his US outlook