Waller is a member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. Speaking on a Bloomberg TV interview

Headlines via Reuters:

  • says he did not shift his 'dot' on rate hike view
  • he has a very optimistic outlook for the economy
  • he will not say when he expects the Fed rate liftoff
  • says inflation expectations seem anchored
  • labor market hasn't quite come back
  • still a long way off of pre-covid labor market
  • unemployment rate would have to drop fairly substantially, or inflation would have to stay high, to have a 2022 rate hike
  • says he prefers market-based measures of inflation expectations to survey-based ones
  • this year has been a surprise, economy has made better progress than anticipated
  • there's a lot to decide about a potential taper, and wide range of views on timing, pace, sequence
  • is in favour of tapering MBS before Treasuries, tapering MBS is an easier sell to the public as the housing market is hot
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